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Recount teaser trailer online

GeorgeBush.jpgThere's not really much online yet for the teaser trailer of Recount, but there's enough to see that there are going to be some strong performances and to suggest that this might not pull any punches.

Well at least we have to hope it doesn't pull any punches, after all this is talking about the obviously rigged election of George W. Bush over Al Gore, something which with hindsight was such a bad move.

I do wonder just how much truth and insight we'll get from this film and how much it's going to pull back from being too political and too dangerous.

You can see the short teaser trailer for Recount over at the official HBO site [Flash] through Hollywood Elsewhere and /Film, and if you get HBO you can see it on the channel on May 25th at 9pm. I wish I got the channel because I'd be watching it without a doubt.

The cast line up looks superb too with Kevin Spacey, John Hurt, Laura Dern, Tom Wilkinson, Dennis Leary and on and on, there's even footage from George W. Bush and Al Gore, although I'm sure they aren't appearing to add new footage!

Let's see how strongly this does tell the story, and if the channel and the film-makers get scared off from the politics and drop back.



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