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Reeves not in Bill and Ted remake

KeanuReeves.jpgI skimmed over the news that there was going to be a remake of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, especially when Keanu Reeves had already stated that there are no characters or films in his past that he'd like to revisit, effectively closing the door for any sequels.

That comment was just a few days before the remake announcement, so the news that Reeves isn't in the sequel doesn't really surprise me.

Keanu Reeves said that he wouldn't revisit any of his characters after more questions on the Constantine 2 possibility, that being the only sequel I would like to see from him, however he shot that down very firmly.

So as WENN through StarPulse News Blog quotes him from unknown sources saying that he won't be returning for the remake of the classic film, I believe it.

“If there is (a remake), I'm not there.”

Are is reported words.

I really can't see him returning to this character or the film, remember the comments he used to get about his acting in other roles after Bill and Ted? Why would he want to do that when he's not returning to strong roles such as Constantine and heading forward with roles such as Street Kings?



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