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Richard Gere in Earhart and Fuqua’s Finest

RichardGere.jpgThere’s some great casting news for Richard Gere, an actor who for some time was running on distinctly dodgy ground career wise, however he’s been slowly climbing back up and his latest two signings sound just as good.

He’s standing next to Hilary Swank as her husband in the Amelia Earhart film, and in Antione Fuqua’s latest film Brooklyn’s Finest.

While the Mira Nair directed Amelia Earhart film sounds like pretty steady ground for him, it’s the Antione Fuqua directed film that sounds the most interesting. He’ll be starring alongside Don Cheadle and Ethan Hawke as three Brooklyn policemen who all find themselves at the same point, despite their separate careers.

According to Variety, one has gone undercover to track drug gangs, another has turned corrupt, and another has followed his career to the letter of the law right up to his retirement.

Brooklyn's Finest sounds like a great film, although we are short of details on the plot side, the fact that Gere, Cheadle and Hawke are all on screen together is strong and then there’s Fuqua’s direction. You have to believe that this could turn out a great thriller and a strong appearance for Gere.



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