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Robocop screenwriter is all for return

We already know that MGM is planning another Robocop film, either a remake or an all new version. The idea didn't appeal at the time but the screenwriter of the original film has thrown his weight behind it, and said he'd love to be involved. Ed Neumeier wants to direct it and he's already got some ideas.

Through MTV Movies Blog he says:

I would love to make a Robocop movie. I actually have a lot of ideas about what we could do with Robocop now. I think he’s a very vital character at the moment.

It's the next thing he says which really has me interested in seeing him involved in a new Robocop film. Given the style of the first film and what it said about the world at the time he sees a gap for it now.

I’m not saying this is what’s happening, but would it be funny to say that there’s a climate of fear that has been pervasive in the media that [says] we should stay at home, we should buy more stuff, and we should not protest or ask anything? So we might play around with that or something

It seems the post 9/11 political climate could produce a similar feel for a new film. I think if he were involved and it was a new reincarnation it could actually work out, especially if his script still explored larger themes.

Unfortunately it's wishful thinking at the moment, but hopefully if the new Robocop does go ahead, they have the sense to involve one of the people who made it so good in the first place. What do you think, has Robocop had it's day? Or do you think a new film would be worthwhile?



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