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School shooting film recommended to parents

UmaThurman.jpgUma Thurman has apparently urged parents of teenagers to see her new film called The Life Before Her Eyes which covers the effect on people after a school shooting.

The film focuses on how a mother is affected by such an incident in her past and how it begins to resurface in her and affects her and her daughter's lives.

In an interview with WENN through Starpulse News Blog Uma Thurman says that The Life Before Her Eyes will probably bring some parents and children together, making the parents think about them in a different way and perhaps engage them a bit more.

"I feel really certain that probably, in a few hundred cases, a parent is gonna watch this movie with their 12 year old, 14 year old, 17 year old, and, in the conversation they have afterwards, they're going to learn something about their kid that they never knew...It's gonna enlighten and benefit them...

...The movie deals with some real things that cause real feelings and that's a pleasure to have that out there whether it be on the screen or the video box. At some time I'd like to show my kids the film."

Personally I do believe that film can be a great medium to get issues like this addressed in the public eye, other than the media who distort and sensationalise everything in order to sell papers, and we shouldn't be avoiding them and keeping quiet.

No I actually think we should be talking about them, analysing, and hopefully doing some of that in film, after all entertainment is a great way to get into parents and children's minds alike.

Not only does it seem to carry a strong message, but the film does look like a powerful drama as well. You can see the trailer right here on Filmstalker.

Do you agree with this though? I know that there were plenty of people who said that films such as United 93 (Filmstalker review) were far too early and shouldn't have been made, but with hindsight now, was it the right time? Was it even too late?



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