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Schumacher too busy for film?

MichaelSchumacher.jpgMichael Schumacher has said that he's probably far too busy to get involved in a film about his career, although he does confirm that there are discussions ongoing at the moment.

If he's too busy this may be a godsend for the film, because then he can't star in it, and there's plenty of documentation about his life to be able to make the film.

Speaking over at autosport.com he reveals:

“We have had some requests in this direction to film my career, but I'm probably too busy and too active to find time for this. So right now it's not something I wish to do.”

Well I know that Michael Schumacher's English isn't perfect, but that does sound like he's too busy to participate but not too busy to have the film made, and his manager seems convinced they are seriously looking at the film.

Frankly I think he'd be mad not to. There are hardly any films out there about Formula 1 and even less about the stars of the sport.

So he may say he's too busy, but that doesn't mean that there isn't going to be a film about the man and his career.

Still, I'd prefer one about F1 in general and the politics, dirty tricks and behind the scenes deals and agreements that make it the biased sport it is.



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