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Scottish Nazi Zombie horror gets deal

Outpost.jpgA film that was shot in Scotland, was partly funded by the re-mortgaging of the producers house, and is about Nazi soldiers coming back from the dead as Zombies, has just been bought by Sony for UK £1.2 million.

Not only that but after a short U.S. DVD release with favourable reviews, the film is set to hit UK cinemas.

The film was directed by Steve Barker and was filmed in an area of Glasgow called Govan and a munitions factory in Dumfriesshire. According to the BBC the producers Arabella Page Croft and Kieran Parker put up some UK £200,000 of their own money to help get the film made after Parker came up with the idea and worked with the writer Rae Brunton to get the film made - yes, that's my last name too!

Here's the blurb from the official production site for the film Black Camel:

"Outpost follows a crack team of battle-hardened mercenaries on a routine mission to protect a mysterious businessman through the no-man's land of war-torn Eastern Europe. However, after he leads them to a long forgotten, underground outpost, they unwittingly reawaken a lurking terror that soon changes their mission from one of safe-guarding, to one of survival, as they desperately battle an enemy even they've never faced before."

Sounds like a cracker of a film, and shot right here in Scotland too. It also stars Ray Stevenson from The Punisher: War Zone and HBO's Rome, Julian Wadham from The Madness of King George, and Richard Brake from Batman Begins and Hannibal Rising.

The reviews for Outpost have been pretty good for the film, and the investment from Sony sounds pretty promising. Hopefully I might get a chance to find out some more about it, especially since it's all just down the road from where I live.

Unfortunately I can't get to the YouTube videos at work at the moment, so it's up to you to have a look at the Outpost trailer and an additional Making Of feature. Let me know what they're like.

It also seems that it's being recognised in the UK too, not only are the BBC writing about it but Sony are sending it to some one hundred and thirty cinemas across the country and the producers won an award for Best First Time Producers from Bafta this year. Next up seems to be a sequel to the film, Outpost II: The Red Zone.



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