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Screen Actors to strike?

Well you thought it was all over with the Writers strike, unfortunately not as the Screen Actors Guild contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers runs out on June 30th, however the good news is that contract negotiations are beginning much earlier than expected on April 15th.

This means that the complex negotiations and the back and forth offers may have time to play out before the contract expires.

Let's hope so because the actors going on strike would have a much more immediate affect on films than the Writers strike did, or from the audience point of view that is.

Potentially actors could walk out of films that they're starring in right at this moment, and that'll have a much harder and quicker impact on film production. However the studios should be a little bit clever about this and would have planned filming around that date, hoping that their bigger productions will have completed by then allowing them to stagger their release.

However things don't look good. This announcement is made just after the Screen Actors Guild agreed on the proposals to take to the AMPTP for the contract negotiations, these include higher residual payments for new media and DVD than were agreed with both the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild, according to WENN through IMDB.

The article suggests that if the negotiations don't go well then the AMPTP could walk away from their deal with SAG and look to the other actor's union, something I didn't realise existed, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Now that really would shake up the boat. I really don't see SAG letting it get that far do you?



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