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Short Circuit remake gains writers

JohnnyFive.jpgThe remake of the classic Short Circuit film which featured a robot becoming self aware and developing a personality has been officially announced, and writers have been named for the project.

What's surprising is that the original writers have been hired for the project, something I thought Hollywood would steer clear of and hire new talent to reimagine the whole concept.

According to Variety both S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock have been hired to adapt the original Short Circuit for a modern film for Dimension Films, and the co-chairman Bob Weinstein thinks the remake is a worthy one.

One of the original producers is also on board for the remake, so this is a very healthy sign indeed. David Foster said that the remake will be similar in theme but will obviously take into account new technology since the 1986 film was made.

I loved the original film, and if you haven't seen it then you should, it's a great laugh. You can instantly see some changes though, for instance the character of Ben Jabituya will be changing radically, otherwise there'll be protests, riots, burning of flags and...oh lord, it's a comedy, please people we have to be able to laugh at ourselves.

The first film is great though, and all I can see that could do with improvement are the effects and reinforcing the idea of what is humanity and intelligence, something which humans have lost touch with and a robot might be able to teach them again.

Perhaps they could set it in Iraq to modernise it? - That's sarcasm!



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