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Soderbergh's Informant gains Bakula

ScottBakula.jpgNot only does Steven Soderbergh's The Informant gain Scott Bakula to join the already cast Matt Damon, but also on board are a bunch of comic actors.

The word is that this espionage thriller that sees the FBI and business insiders uncover a price fixing conspiracy is set to have a dark comedy feel to it.

The story has the list of other names associated with the film including Joel McHale, Mike O'Malley, Andrew Daly, Adam Paul, Melanie Lynskey, Tom Wilson, Rick Overton and Tom Papa, all known for their comic turns on the big and small(er) screens.

That said, the term dark comedy sounds far more comic than the plot suggests. Although it is a serious subject, a source told from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News that the thriller will have darker comic elements through it, so maybe not an all up dark comedy then. Subtle differences, but a dark thriller with comic elements is leaning much more to the thriller aspect than a dark comedy.

The idea is apparently to have the comic actors bring out the comic element through their performances rather than scripting in straight gags - that means a much more natural and real comedy than the style we're used to from Hollywood.

What is great though is to see Scott Bakula getting a big film role, especially right next to Matt Damon. Frankly I had hoped that his big breakthrough would have come with an Enterprise film, or the continuation of the series, but then US television scheduling put pay to that.



I think I will always remember Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett in the tv series Quantum Leap. This is good news indeed!


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