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Spacey as Luthor in Superman Returns sequel

Spacey_Luthor.jpgAccording to the man himself, Kevin Spacey is set to return as the villain Lex Luthor in the sequel to Superman Returns, well, if he is written in of course.

Spacey is undoubtedly a superb actor and really does play a villain superbly well, and I think it's fair to say that he's the best Luthor there's been on screen, ranking alongside, if not passing, the more comic performance of the legendary Gene Hackman.

Kevin Spacey himself says that he believes he's in.

"I believe they are in talks at the moment. I have actually already signed up to do it. So if they decide to go ahead with it and they still want me, then I will definitely be in it."

The positive comments come through Bang Media and Cinema Blend. The question really is though will there be another Superman?

With the rights of the Superman character being reverted back to the heirs of the original creator Jerry Siegel, all bets are off as to what is actually happening with the series. Who knows if Warner Brothers will still be able to make the next one, or if the Siegel family and estate will have to become more heavily involved or even take over the character.

I think that the film will continue and the only real affect, as with the Lord of the Rings issue, will be behind the scenes with the money people. We'll still see another Superman film.

So will Luthor actually be in it? Personally I think they'd be crazy not to. He's the most recognisable villain they have in the series, and he's been the subject of the on screen Superman universe in both film and television for a long time. Using any other character would be pampering to the fans of the Superman comic character and might well miss the fans who have come through the television show or the film.

With the concerns over how well the previous film did and what the next film could do, I think that they have to go with Lex Luthor, and if they do, Kevin Spacey seems to be ready to go.



Spacey is a brilliant and versatile performer. Although his priorities have changed as he is now really more of a theatre man, it's good that he still returns to film to have the best of both worlds. Have you read the recent news regarding his disapproval of the BBC's involvement on those make me a star scheme to promote West End musicals produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, he is as always passionate and absolutely spot on. I could put it on FS Readers but it's really more of a theatre news so keep an eye on it on my blog later today. ;)

Feel free to write it up on your site and Stalk it on Filmstalker Readers!

I actually had a conversation about Spacey's discussion tonight, as I was waiting for The Rat Pack to come back on during their live performance - oh they were good - and we were talking about the passion that Spacey is showing for real theatre, not the "we'll make a musical out of anything" that Webber is peddling.

Will definitely do that Richard.


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