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Spielberg on the move?

StevenSpielberg.jpgThe story of what Steven Spielberg will do and his contract status has been talked about before, but now it looks a lot more certain that he'll be allowed to look around to move to other studios, leaving his current position with DreamWorks, Paramount and Viacom.

According to sources he will be free to look around to other studios from the 1st of May.

The rumour comes from sources through Reuters and Yahoo News, and while there's nothing concrete, it could mean that Spielberg could be off and with another studio sometime this year.

What that means for all the studios concerned I'm not so sure, and does it really mean much for us as the audience? I don't think so. Steven Spielberg hasn't really been tied to projects he's not interested in doing, so I suspect he'll continue to make fantastic films, and films he wants to make.

We just have to hope that he takes Lincoln, Interstellar and Tintin with him.

Do you think this really affects you though, or is Spielberg a little overrated these days?



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