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Stalked: Anita O'Day film, Surrogates casting, Matrix on Blu-ray

Legendary jazz artist Anita O'Day's film gets release deal...

Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike officially join The Surrogates...

Matrix on Blu-ray...

Anita O'Day, the celebrated jazz musician from the 1940's is already immortalised in a biographical film about her legendary life and career, but the film has not received a theatrical or DVD release, until now. The film completed production just weeks after her death in 2006 at the fantastic age of eighty-seven, and has only just been bought for North American distribution, that means the rest of us will have to wait some. According to Variety the film features O'Day speaking about her long career and performances with such names as Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge and Stan Kenton as well as her battles with drug addiction and her rape and prison time. It certainly sounds a frank and honest look at her life, and the great news for jazz fans is that it features previously unseen concert footage.

Variety through IESB tells us that Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike have officially signed up to the cast of The Surrogates, a very interesting science fiction thriller from Jonathan Mostow featuring Bruce Willis as a detective investigating a murder of a surrogate in a world where humans hide in their homes going outside only with the use of a surrogate robot.

The Digital Bits through Freeze Dried Movies are saying that The Matrix series is finally going to come to Blu-ray now that HD-DVD is dead. Thank the lord, it's been a long wait for one of these flagship HD-DVD titles.



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