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Stalked: Mandy Lane delayed again, Midnight Meat Train on DVD only

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane delayed in the U.S...

Midnight Meat Train heads straight to platform DVD...

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane has been delayed in the U.S. once again. We've already seen it released in the UK in February, but in the U.S. they've seen the date slip a number of times. Now it's back to August reports AITH. You'll remember the film is about the most popular girl at school that everyone is after who goes to an all weekend party on a secluded ranch held by one of the boys eager to bed her. However the eager suitors of Mandy Lane begin to disappear one by one.

Midnight Meat Train is going straight to DVD and won't be released in the cinema according to HorrorMovies.ca. The Clive Barker story was directed by Ryuhei Kitamura and starred Bradley Cooper, Vinnie Jones, Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, Roger Bart and Tony Curran. Seems a real shame, but does it mean that it hasn't turned out as well as expected?



I managed to see Mandy Lane and I thought it was decent enough for what it was. I didn't find the deaths that interesting but the ending was quite original. I'm not sure why it keeps getting delayed in the US.

I have no idea. It can't purely be scheduling can it? There has to be something more to it.


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