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Stalked: Piven on stage, De Palma's The Fury remake, Reeves in martial arts film

Piven latest to turn to stage...

Brian De Palma's The Fury is set for a remake...

Reeves in martial arts film?...

JeremyPiven.jpgPiven latest to turn to stage...
Jeremy Piven is the latest actor to turn to the stage from film as he has signed on to the David Mamet play Speed-the-Plow on Broadway. He's set to play one of the two warring film producers of the story and will debut in November. It seems that the move to stage is something that more and more actors are looking to, and it probably does have something to do with a possible actors strike too. The word from WENN through IMDB is that Jessica Alba is being eyed for the role of the female lead.

Brian De Palma's The Fury is set for a remake...
Variety tells us that Brian De Palma's film The Fury is being rewritten by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman. The Fury is a supernatural horror from 1978 that starred Kirk Douglas and John Cassavetes, two great names of cinema, in a story of a man trying to save his son when he's kidnapped by a government official who wants to exploit his powers of telekinesis.

Reeves in martial arts film?...
According to Wu-Jing.org through Jo Blo, Keanu Reeves is keen on working with the Matrix fight coordinator Yuen Wo Ping, and that entails working on a project called Tai Chi Tiger. There's nothing on the plot as yet, but the word is that Reeves would want to play the baddie this time around.



Aha! Stagestalking now are we Richard? ;)

I have seen Spacey and Goldblum in Speed the Plow over at The Old Vic which is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC by the way, and I am guessing that Piven will probably play Spacey's more explosive character, Charlie Fox, he's got it in him. Not sure about Alba though, her performance might be drowned out if the male leads are both brilliant.


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