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Stalked: Takeshi Kitano, Colin Farrell, Natalie Portman, Battle: Los Angeles, Adrien Brody, Kemba Smith

Takeshi Kitano will play an artist in Achillies to Kame (Achilles and the Tortoise)...

Colin Farrell will star in Triage alongside Christopher Lee...

Natalie Portman is starring in another Wuthering Heights...

Battle: Los Angeles is a speculative script about an alien invasion...

Adrien Brody will star in Dario Argento's next film Giallo...

The story of Kemba Smith who was granted clemency by President Clinton is coming to film...

Takeshi Kitano is to star as an artist in Achillies to Kame (Achilles and the Tortoise). Although he is an artist, and an incredibly dedicated one at that, he has no talent. His wife will be played by Kanako Higuchi, with Yûrei Yanagi and Kumiko Aso playing the couple in their younger days. Kitano told reporters, including Variety, that:

"it's a story about the harshness of the artistic life..."

Colin Farrell is to star in the film Triage alongside Christopher Lee and Paz Vega which is to be directed by Danis Tanovic. The film is a dark story and follows a journalist who returns home from a dangerous assignment without his colleague who is also his best friend. Variety tells us that the film will shoot in Ireland. It sounds like a dark and personal tale, giving Farrell the opportunity to bring out some strong acting, rather than playing a larger than life character as he often does.

Natalie Portman is set to lead a new version of Wuthering Heights. Hey, why not, Hollywood is in remake overdrive. Let's have another remake of a remake of a...However, hold up. This project sounds a little more interesting. Variety tells us that the UK production company Ecosse Films is behind it and they are responsible for Mrs Brown, Charlotte Grey, Becoming Jane and the Brideshead Revisited remake. Not only that but Olivia Hetreed, who wrote Girl With a Pearl Earring, turned out the script. Okay, maybe there's something here then?

Battle: Los Angeles is a new speculative script from Chris Bertolini which follows an alien invasion that starts in Santa Monica and heads towards Los Angeles according to http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117983887.html?categoryid=13&cs=1&nid=2564Variety. Bertolini previously wrote the screenplay for The General's Daughter starring John Travolta which turned out a pretty good thriller all in all.

Adrien Brody is to star in Giallo, the next film from Dario Argento, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News. The story follows an American flight attendant who joins an Italian investigator to search for her missing sister abducted by a serial killer with the odd title of Yellow. Emmanuelle Seigner and Elsa Pataky also star, oh and unsurprisingly so does Asia Argento. I wonder if this could be a sign for Argento moving a little closer to Hollywood.

The story of the female drug dealer by association, Kemba Smith, who was granted clemency by President Clinton after serving only six years of his twenty-four year sentence has been bought to be made by Hollywood according to The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News. Smith was brought up in a middle class life and had no criminal record or any problems before he attended Hampton University. There she became friends with a man who became the leader of a US $4 million crack cocaine ring and managed to hit the FBI's fifteen most wanted list. What was surprising is that the government acknowledged that Smith never sold or took drugs, but was charged with conspiracy anyway and received twenty-four years. President Clinton released her after just six.



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