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Stalked: The Spirit, Redbelt, Smart People, Crank 2 casting

A new poster for The Spirit has arrived along with a picture of Eva Mendes in a cat suit...

There are twelve clips for the fight film Redbelt online...

The trailer for Smart People is here in multiple formats and sizes...

More Crank 2: High Voltage casting is announced...

TheSpirit_Poster.jpgI've just been sent a couple of new pictures from Frank Miller's The Spirit, one is of the new poster and the other is of Eva Mendes in her cat suit. Oh dear lord. You can see a large poster of Eva Mendes here.

David Mamet's Redbelt has released twelve clips online and they make the film look really interesting and more character based than I first expected. Have a look for yourself and see what you think, they're all over at Collider [Flash].

The trailer for Smart People is here in multiple formats and sizes. The film is the story of Lawrence Wetherhold, played by Dennis Quaid, a widowed, imperiously brilliant, and self-absorbed literature professor. He's alienated his son, played by Ashton Holmes, and turned his teenage daughter, played by Ellen Page, into an acid-tongued, friendless overachiever.

After a hit to the head he falls for doctor, and former student, Janet, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, at the same time, his ne'er-do-well brother, played by Thomas Haden Church, unexpectedly shows up at his door, low on cash and needing a place to stay.

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AmySmart.jpgAmy Smart is set to return to the sequel to Crank (Filmstalker reviews), Crank 2: High Voltage alongside Jason Statham. According to Variety Bai Ling, Dwight Yoakam and Efren Ramirez are also signing up. Glad to see Amy Smart back though, she was fantastic in the first, here's hoping for more of her on screen...I didn't mean it in that way!



I am so excited for the spirit

"They're practically feral." Love that line. Page is going to find herself typecast if she keeps taking roles like these.

Amy Smart...sure Richard, not *that* way. Right...


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