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Steven Soderbergh to get The Girlfriend Experience

StevenSoderbergh.jpgSteven Soderbergh's new project sounds rather interesting. He's to direct The Girlfriend Experience, after he's finished The Informant starring Matt Damon.The Girlfriend Experience will explore the world of prostitution, but one where it doesn't just involve the usual services.

This film will explore a call girl who charges to be a girlfriend rather than a call-girl, and who makes huge amounts of money in the process. Variety reports that Soderbergh may cast an adult film star in the role. The film is part of the deal Soderbergh has with 2929 Entertainment, where six low budget films will be made and released in cinemas, cable TV and DVD at the same time.



is it true that ryder skye is set to star in this film? i've seen her work in both mainstream and adult and she seems like a good choice but i've only heard rumors.

Hey Terry, I've not heard anything like that. Where did you hear the rumours? Anything you could pass on for a story on?


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