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Street Fighter cast replacement

KristinKreuk.jpgStreet Fighter is rumoured to be having a change of cast, and while the prospect of another Street Fighter film doesn't really interest me, there are some aspects of it that I'm finding rather interesting, mostly the bigger than expected cast.

I mean we're not talking A-list here, but Neal McDonough, Michael Clarke Duncan and Kristin Kreuk are suggesting there will be a little more to this than at first meets the eye. However the rumour is about a role previously cast and then removed from the cast list on the official site.

The current cast list from the official site is looking like this:

CHUN LI - Kristin Kreuk
BISON - Neal McDonough
NASH - Chris Klein
BALROG - Michael Clarke Duncan
MAYA - Moon Bloodgood
HUANG - Edmund Chen
CANTANA - Josie Ho
VEGA - Taboo
ZHILAN - Pei Pei Cheng

Now the role that was previously mentioned was that of Gen and that Rick Yune was going to play him, however that seems to have changed as Moviehole have the rumour that Robin Shou from the Mortal Kombat films is heading in to replace him.

Well for me I can't really find much excitement in that, but the real interesting thing is the complete cast. With a few bigger names and overall a decent standard of actors and talent in there, I wonder if we're looking at something a bit more than the martial arts films we've seen to date.

Of course names are no guarantee that there will be a good film coming out of it, but it's an indiciation.



If there's no Van Damme ... I boycott this film! Seriously.


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