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Street Kings redband trailer online

StreetKings.jpgTheres a new trailer for Street Kings online, and while I at first thought it was an excuse to show every scene of people getting shot, I soon realised that it was actually a proper trailer, just a very violent and bloody one, and you know what? The film looks even better for it.

Forest Whitaker looks like he's delivering one powerful performance (as always), and Keanu Reeves looks pretty good in it too. Then there's the fact that David Ayers is directing.

You can see the new trailer over at the official site [Flash] and the age verification system isnt overly nannying either.

Im looking forward to seeing Street Kings, the cast is strong, the performances are looking powerful and the story certainly seems to be good. Oh, and the trailers make it look rather dark and moody.

Saying that I have read some reports that have the film down a little negatively, but I really cant see this from any of the footage weve seen so far.What do you think after seeing it?



I havent really heard many good things about it either but I just got back from seeing it at the movies and I really enjoyed it as I knew I would.


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