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Superman evil in sequel?

SupermanRedSon.jpgCould Superman be portrayed as a bit darker and a bit more chaotic in the sequel to Superman Returns (Filmstalker review)? Well it may just be that way as the CEO of Legendary Pictures revealed to some students that the next Superman won't be the won we've just seen.

In fact he says that the new Superman will be more of an angry god than anything, and that conjures up a very different idea for the character.

In Superman Returns we see that he returns to Earth after a period of time away, a period where he had become disillusioned with humanity and sought to get himself back together. When he returns he's the old Superman he was, polite, strong, and all forgiving.

However it looks like he might not be that way for long. Thomas Tull is the founder CEO of Legendary Pictures who are behind both Batman Begins and Superman Returns, and was talking to some students in Hamilton the other day and revealed what the next Superman will be.

The story comes from Hamilton College through /Film and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

"...a Superman sequel (in [w]hich Tull hopes to invoke more of the image of "an angry god")"

Of course that's what he wants, and while he's the big cheese behind the big company at the moment, there's still a script to be written and a director to interpret that script, so it's a long way off from a finished film.

Still, he would have a lot of influence, and is perhaps speaking about the direction of the project more than where his desires would lead the next Superman film.

Either way I think it would be interesting to see a more malevolent Superman, something that really could happen if he's as spurned from his love as he was at the end of the first film. However let's also remember that this is really against his character, and he spent an extended period of time away from Earth to get over his feelings towards humanity.

Maybe we'll just see him become a little more offhand about the whole saving the world stuff, a little more choosy and selective about those he does save, letting those that he deems evil perish? Maybe even starting or interfering in a few things that need solving, such as wars.

Can that work after the direction the character has already taken though? Is it something that the audience want to see? More to the point is it something that Bryan Singer is going to do?



It would be interesting to see, although it would be a big step from the Superman in Returns. Saying that, it can be understanable why someone would get annoyed living and working on earth.

Yeah, don't we all!


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