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Terminator 4 halted?

Terminator.jpgThere's a rumour going around that the production for Terminator 4 has been brought to a halt, now while I saw it earlier in the week I didn't really want to start discussing it because it is a huge rumour and if wrong could have some seriously negative impact on the production.

However I've seen the report that the film might be shelved again, and as I thought about it I wondered if it was actually a good thing considering how far it has come.

I am an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan (I can't believe his last name was in the OpenOffice dictionary by default!) and I initially thought that a Terminator film without him would be sacrilege, but I've been warming to the idea.

On the negative we have no Arnie, perhaps Sam Worthington as the new Terminator, McG directing, a new hero, and finally the fact that I think I'd figured out quite a few plot points for the story - the new Terminator and the plot revealed.

On the positive side we have Sam Worthington, Christian Bale and Anton Yelchin leading it so we know that there are some strong actors in there, the plot ideas looked pretty interesting, Paul Haggis had been looking to rewrite the script, and McG had been talking to James Cameron and getting some serious pointers.

So could it all have worked out? Well it may still do because the story from UGO Movieblog through Cinema Blend is complete hearsay and rumour of the highest degree, and personally I think it might yet work out and we'll find that this is a just a rumour.

Rafe over at Cinema Blend hit the nail on the head when he talked about how The Sarah Connor Chronicles are bringing the Terminator universe back to the fore, and doing it really well, even if they are stomping on the odd timeline here and there. With that series doing so well why would they even consider dropping the production of Terminator 4, especially so early on?

The only thing I can think of is that they've allowed too much of the plot and surprises to leak out and that they're changing the plot to compensate.



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