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Terminator 4 not dead, Sarah Connor signed

MoonBloodGood.jpgIt looks like Terminator 4 film isn't dead, especially if they're announcing the casting of Sarah Connor in the film, and that's exactly what's happened today.

So forget those rumours of the film being being over and let's look forward to the new Sarah Connor, and believe me this is a superb choice and makes Sarah hotter than she's ever been.

You know they do say that women get more beautiful with age, well that's definitely true of Sarah Connor as the announcement arrives that Moon Bloodgood is set to play her in the new Terminator 4 film.

That's a big step up for the actress who I first noticed in the television series Day Break, which is definitely worth watching, and has just been cast in the new Street Fighter film, she's now set to appear next to some big stars and hopefully take a leading role in a big budget film.

She deserves it too, she is a strong actress, and although I've only seen her Day Break role I did think she played a dramatic role well, a role that called for her to switch directions on her character rather more than most performances.

I say hopefully because if the rumours are true that the production has been halted then it's a pretty short lived casting announcement from The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News. However I don't think it is, we wouldn't really see an announcement like this if the film had been stopped, would we?



I read about this somewhere earlier, but it had no mention of Bloodgood playing Sarah though. She seems a bit young to be playing her I think, although I think we should maybe give Sarah Connor as rest (now that she is dead?) I think she will probably be in T4 since the success of the TV show.

Thanks for the news Richard!

Moon Bloodgood? Surely that's not her real name?

Ha ha, I thought the same.

That really is her name - have you guys not seen Day Break? I'd recommend it.

I think she looks a bit young and model like to be Sarah Connor. I can't say I'm familiar with her work though.


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