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Tetris feature film?

Tetris.jpgIs there really going to be a Tetris film? Well the answer is probably no, but like the beer advert, if there was a Tetris film then this would probably be the best trailer in the world for it.

I've actually been sent a little trailer for a film that'll never be, a film about a future world where they play Tetris with huge flying machines. The tag line goes "A brother dies. A hero is born. Get in line for adventure. Tetris is here."

The guys at Black20 really do show some talent with what they can do as they demonstrate with the following trailer for a fake film. Mike O'Gorman dropped me an email with the link which I thought was so well done it deserved a small mention. It also helps that he said nice things about Filmstalker and like so many people thinks that there's a bunch of guys running the site - not so, just me.

Anyway this is his moment, not mine. Here's the Tetris trailer which you can also see on their site.

You gotta love it. There's a lot of heart in there, and who knows, perhaps this could get made.



best trailer in the history of mankind.

now if only it were real

Wouldn't that be something. Well you never know!


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