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The Babysitters redband trailer online

TheBabysitters.jpgI'm not entirely sure what the red band part of this trailer is other than the hinted at material, but the idea of The Babysitters is a good one and the trailer suggests some strong material.

A teenager starts a small babysitting service and when she becomes involved with a married man she has the idea to turn it into a call girl service.

The film stars a couple of well known names, John Leguizamo and Cynthia Nixon, and what I like about the Leguizamo performance that I can see is that it's a normal guy. So many of his roles are these big persona characters who are far from reality, and I think it's always refreshing to see him in a more reality based role.

You can see the trailer right here which I found at IGN through /Film:

I'm on the fence about the film, the idea is good, the lead actors are looking good, but is there something missing from it?



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