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Update: The Spirit cast images online

Shears.jpgThere are some spectacular images online for Frank Miller's upcoming film based on The Spirit, forty in fact, and some of them look fantastic.

The style that's coming out in these shots is exciting to say the least. The Spirit looks cool, but the person who steals the show is not Eva Mendes cast in leather emerging from the water but Samuel L. Jackson in his many stunning guises.

Looking through the gallery at the different characters you already get a sense of what the film is going to be about, and for the most part you'll be thinking Sin City, but I think that's down to the sharp costumes and the green screening, get that out of your head and I think we're in for something that's going to look glorious.

Of course there's the script, direction, acting, editing, effects and such to make the final film, but right now I am definitely getting excited by Frank Miller's screen version of Will Eisner's comic creation.

You can see the full gallery for The Spirit over at Dark Horizons through Moviehole. They've scored tons of pictures, so many they've had to limit the amount they've put online.

I am honestly gushing over some of these shots.

Update: 07/04/2008
Well I've been asked to remove the small image under copyright infringement and so I have done. I'm sure they'll either appear elsewhere legitimately, or not, soon.



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