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The Spirit teaser trailer online

TheSpirit-Posters.jpgFrank Miller's big screen adaptation of Will Eisner's comic book hero The Spirit has a teaser trailer, and while it doesn't reveal anything about the film it shows us two very important things. One is the style of the film, and the other is how The Spirit is going to be moving through the city.

It looks cool, but I can't help but feel a little let down by it.

The story has the new policeman Denny Colt murdered and then born again in the form of The Spirit, a protector and enforcer of the city where he was killed. He goes on the hunt to wipe out injustice and that includes the organised crime lord The Octopus. He kills anyone who sees his face, and The Spirit is hot on his heels.

You can see the teaser over at MTV [Flash:S], if you are lucky enough to live in the U.S. since they once again have restricted the viewing to the rest of the world - there seems to be no audience other than the U.S. one to MTV.

If you don't live in the U.S. then you're in even more luck, because the trailer has been ripped and freed from the MTV shackles to be shown to the rest of the world, thanks to Movie-List Forums.

You can download the 720p high definition trailer for The Spirit through either MegaUpload or Rapidshare. For the MegaUpload site you have to enter the code at the top and then wait for the button to appear under the Free option, for Rapidshare hit the Free button and wait for your download ticket to appear. Of course if you're a signed up member you'll get it immediately.

I liked the look of the trailer, although the running across the wire above the city seemed a little too assisted, the rest looked pretty cool and very Sin City in style. I like the dialogue that's running over the piece too, but for me there's a lot lacking here.

Basically we're seeing him run across the city in the same style as Sin City, and none of that really gets me excited. It felt like I've seen it already. The two flashes that did look interesting were the red tie and the way he threw on his jacket, and also the moment at the beginning with the phone call.

Really the rest didn't grab me, I wish there had been more footage or something a bit more removed from what we've seen. Still, I'm intrigued to see more.



It's a TEASER trailer, not supposed to show much footage. I thought it was a pretty good teaser, fan of the comic, hopefully we'll get to see a good full length trailer soonish.

Yeah but I like teaser trailers to tease, and this one didn't.

I agree...that definitely decreased my interest in the Spirit.

For these silly U.S. only trailers, you ought to trade up an ad or something with a VPS company and setup a little reverse proxy inside the U.S. That would fix their wagon.

Well I look to a couple of sites who tend to rip these trailers right out of there and open them up, as MLF did with this one. I just don't get that practice.

I did ask why it was and I was simply told they aren't allowed to, it's copyright. Well who else does that with trailers?

Yeah, you need to do a feature on how movie studios suddenly think trailers are product and not marketing. My guess on the U.S. only restriction is that they're looking to license the trailer to different partners in each target market (country). I guess if it drives traffic to land a big trailer, though, it is a product, isn't it? But you would think they'd be more interested in the maximizing the number of people who see the trailer.


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