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The Suicide Club

Film Two Stars

With the plot described as a policeman investigating an unexplained rash of suicides I thought we'd be on for something interesting, and with production stills of blood drenched Japanese schoolgirls it looked like it had a bit of a twist to it.

Well it had way more of a twist than I thought, in fact it had many more of them too.

TheSuicideClub.jpgIn fact the film twisted so often and so much that it loses its way really quickly and the plot disappears amongst a series of right angle turns and huge leaps.

The police investigation stumbles on through the suicides and it's only because it becomes personal that the police start thinking this is something a little more sinister, and we're heading off in one direction, but not for long.

It seems that the police characters aren't really that important, nor is that thread. It seems that most of the characters don't matter, and are in and out of the film without much explanation or reconnection.

The plot changes direction a number of times and also has a number of false endings, and by the last one I really did feel that I wanted the film to end, and thankfully it eventually did.

Not before the film took a rapid turn with the introduction of a character that was a mix between Kenny Everett's “it's all done in the best possible taste” and Frank 'n' Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He was a cool character and a great idea and direction for the film, but he was, like so much of interest in the film, dismissed all too quickly. Thankfully though he stayed around long enough to complete his musical number about death sporting his sparkly spandex outfit and high heels.

Oh yes, I did just say that.

Yet when the final ending did come there seemed to be little to connect it with the rest of the events. It was as disconnected and as random as the rest of it, and had another completely different feel to it.

Well that's not strictly true, there were connections to a plot line running throughout the film which when it's revealed doesn't really come as a shock, and there's little to explain why or how.

The final sequence also suffers from an attempt to preach to the audience, something that was too much and too confusing. It tried to be a heavy morality tale which I dare you to try and understand or explain.

As for the horror aspect, the opening really sets the emotional tone of it all. With the first group suicide there's plenty of flashes of gore and sprays of blood.

That tone continues throughout the film with little snatches of gore and horror, but they are filled in with comic moments which end up raising a laugh more than anything.

That is apart from one moment, in the closing scenes, which are very reminiscent of David Lynch, we see the flesh stripping and are greeted with a proper horror moment without any attempts to relieve it with humour.

In a way the film seems like disconnected stories which have been pulled together with multiple plot threads. However in the end it is a silly, fun, Japanese horror film.

There's then not much else to say about this confusing film other than if you are going to see it then don't expect too much and just switch off and enjoy the odd moments.

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