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Transformers 2 rumours

Transformers_Still_Rampage.jpgAlready there are rumours racing around the interflab about Transformers 2, the sequel to Michael Bay's heavily flawed Transformers.

For a start the vehicles themselves have allegedly been photographed being transported around the city, but now a rumour online claims that the Constructicons are to be used in the new film.

Now although this is wild rumour if you think about Michael Bay and Hollywood sequels this would fit perfectly - bigger and bigger - so the idea of having a group of robots who transform into vehicles as well as link together to become one giant robot would certainly fit that bill.

I've never signed up to that idea though, and while I've welcomed other ideas that have changed the beloved Transformers since I watched them, I was never sure about the joining of robots like this.

Still, there are fans of them, so perhaps we'll see this come true. Personally though there's a lot of other Transformers ideas that I'd like to see come to the big screen, and really a sequel should carry off from the previous film and start to break it's own ground rather than relying on the source material again.

The story from IESB through Cinema Blend tells us that the original Constructicons were Scrapper, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook, Long Haul, and Bonecrusher. Josh at CB reminds us that Bonecrusher was already used as the name of the robot scorpion in the first film...well I'm sure they can change the name.

What would you rather see in the sequel though? New robots? The battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron concentrated on? New robots away from the ones we've seen in the comics and on television?



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