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Tres Días second trailer online

BeforetheFall.jpgI wrote about the film Tres Días, or 3 Days aka Before the Fall, a little while ago and pointed the way towards the trailer which reminded us a little of Deep Impact on a much smaller scale, well now there's a new trailer that really does focus the attention on the characters and their relationships.

This trailer has much more of a thriller feel than an out and out end of the world film.

The film follows a few characters in a town in the south of Spain and of what they do when they find out that the world really is going to be wiped out within three days when a meteor strikes it. No lies, no way out, just impending doom.

From the looks of this new trailer for Tres Días, it doesn't look like they take it that well at all.

The link for the trailer at Cinemavip comes through AICN who also found an interview with the director F. Javier Gutiérrez over at Las Horas Perdidas and translated the Spanish there to reveal that he has already been approached by Hollywood to consider a remake. Apparently he's thinking about offers right now.



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