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Uwe Boll turns nice

UweBoll.jpgI think Uwe Boll has been reading Filmstalker. After writing that feature about how Uwe Boll isn't helping his career or likeability stakes by shouting off on his internet video rant the other day, he's just appeared on US television and taken a much more light hearted and tongue in cheek view to everything, and you know what? He's nailed it.

He could actually be winning back fans if he keeps this up.

Instead of sitting and mouthing off at his peers in the industry, regardless of the quality of films they have out on general release right now, he appears very approachable, open and willing to look at his work a little tongue in cheek.

Rope of Silicon points to the following YouTube video of Uwe Boll being interviewed by an overly gushing and "I love everything you do" reporter for Fox News, and while he couldn't be more grovelling, Uwe Boll comes across superbly well.

You can actually understand what he's saying and see some sense in it, you can even identify with the guy and find him rather amusing. This is suddenly the kind of guy you could chat to and have a laugh with. Of his previous ranting he says:

"I don't know, I was like emotional and flipped out and gave it to everybody. I personally like George Clooney and I think he is a great actor…"

Of course he does then go on to have a pop at his latest film, but it is toned down and much more about the studios releasing rubbish time and time again.

I have to say that if he keeps this up he'll become much more loved by the media and perhaps the audience, and maybe this will win over the hearts and minds of his potential fans.



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