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Van Damme on Universal Soldier?

VanDamme.jpgThere's rumour, and just rumour at the moment, of Jean-Claude Van Damme returning to Universal Soldier in another outing as the genetically engineered fighting machine.

Not only that but there are further rumours, and even more tenuous ones, that Dolph Lundgren would return to the film as well.

Okay, the original was rather cheesy, but it was fun, and the subsequent films were pretty poor to be honest, but since we're returning to all these action heroes from the eighties, isn't there some room in there for a return of Jean-Claude Van Damme?

He's already appearing in a film called J.C.V.D., which does poke some fun at his own career, so why not a fully fledged comeback? From what I've seen of J.C.V.D. (here's the trailer) it looks like the right direction to take for him, parody what's gone before, make light of it and the character he once was, and have a crack at something a little more serious.

In saying that there's a little part of me that thinks a direct to DVD outing for him returning to Universal Soldier wouldn't be his best decision, he has to aim high.

Of course the story from Cinema Blend, who have one of their inside sources telling them of the possible deal, suggests that if the talks with Jean-Claude Van Damme work out then the film might get eyed for a theatrical release, and that would be much better news.

Right now though the plan seems to be to release the new Universal Soldier direct to DVD, and that's not a great move for Van Damme if he really wants to return to the limelight. Sure he could keep making these types of films, but he surely wants to move to the fore again and not rely on his past high-kicking career.

Then there's the talk of Dolph Lundgren joining the cast, something that I think is totally wishful thinking on the part of those who are instigating it. I can't really see them getting back together unless the production was much bigger. Let's see Van Damme signed up and the film hitting a theatrical release and then we could maybe expect the budget to be big enough for both of them.

Personally I'd love to see them back together, but not on a straight Universal Soldier sequel, something bigger and a bit clever please, something that isn't just a direct to DVD forced on a theatrical release because of the name of the lead.



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