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Verhoeven's Jesus project to upset

RobertPowell-Jesus.jpgSome details have emerged about Paul Verhoeven's upcoming film which will portray the character of Jesus in a realistic manner, separated from the religious aspects of the bible and viewed as a real man in a real world.

It's been Verhoeven's ambition to write this story and it's about to come true as it gets published in Holland in September, and that takes another step closer to realising his film version of the story.

However this is sure to hit controversy, after all he's writing about the character of Jesus from one of the largest selling books of all time, the Bible. A book that is the basis for a number of organised religions, both big and small.

Not only that but according to The Hollywood Reporter through Rope of Silicon he's set to address some pretty big issues about the character.

His book, which comes from over twenty years of research and is co-written by his biographer Rob van Scheers, and will suggest that the miracles and statements that are often attributed to Jesus are in fact untrue.

One of the claims that the book will make is that Jesus was probably the son of Mary conceived after a Roman solider raped her during the Jewish uprising in Galilee, another will suggest that he was not betrayed by Judas Iscariot - already I can hear the blood boiling of religious people everywhere.

Although it's not totally confirmed, Paul Verhoeven has always wanted to turn this story into a film, something I think will most definitely be done outside the confines of Hollywood and the U.S. don't you think?

I'd be interested in reading the book, but unfortunately it will only be published in Dutch for the moment, however there are negotiations ongoing for an English language version, and I would suspect dependant on the sales of those we might see Verhoeven tackle the full film version of his reality based Jesus, and the controversy will follow.



Sounds very interesting, I hope Verhoeven gets the chance to make it. I do like some of his films and they're bluntness.

I expected more screaming and shouting on this post, and I'm surprised really. Perhaps common sense is prevailing.

I'm with you Billy.

Perhaps common sense is prevailing.

That's a good way of putting it Richard. I could of screamed and shouted blasphemy when I read this article yesterday but what good would that do? Let him get on with it, I know I wouldn't come near it.

Well from what I know of you Simone I suspect you're not the type of person I had in mind that would be shouting and screaming over the idea.

I think perhaps that so far the reach is just Holland that there's no real exposure to America, and that's where I expect the real negativity to come for this project. However if it does get a worldwide release as a book and then there's talk of a film, I can see it coming fast.

Why thank you Richard!

I find it all amusing if I may share my feelings, it was the same thing I felt when I was reading Da Vinci Code and Brown came out with that ridiculous plot I nearly didnt want to finish the book but I thought a work of fiction shouldn't erode my faith. One can argue that I can use the same here, but I dont think the premise is just a tad too much to ignore.

Oh, so you had me in mind, eh Richard? :)

I never thought that I'd start upsetting people more than the story did!

Of course I didn't mean you Hap!

I'm just messin' with ya.

I didn't think otherwise Hap.

HAHAHAHA I am beginning to enjoy this thread now!

Hiya there hap!

I for one am shocked and outraged.....that this man inflicted Showgirls on us.

Louise, have a look at Zwartboek aka Black Book, he redeemed himself there.

Is there really any redeeming yourself for Show Girls?

Oh come on, Show Girls was a good laugh wasn't it? I found I was laughing during it.

I only saw a portion of a censored version so maybe you need the nudity and language to get the full "so bad it's good" effect, eh?

You gotta see Zwartboek hap, seriously!

Oh definitely, it was so far in the realms of cheese that it becomes a parody. However I'm still not going to say it's fantastic, or even good. I could see it being on in the background with a bunch of drunken film fanatics laughing away at it!

Ah, maybe that's where I went wrong. I think I was sober when I watched it. Hmmm I wonder if that would work for SWAT as well.


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