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WALL-E feature online

WALL-E.jpgWALL-E is perhaps one of the films I'm most looking forward to this year, and what does bother me is that it's because I've remain fascinated by the level of depth of field, the focus of the camera, the reality of the images, not of the actual content.

Now this feature goes a little way to allay those fears and perhaps make us a bit more interested in the film itself.

You can see the feature over at /Film [Flash]. In it you get to see a little more of the relationship between the new robot Eve and WALL-E, and a little bit about the story, including the titbit that WALL-E may well be responsible for the return of humanity to Earth.

We also get to hear from We also get to hear from the writer and director Andrew Stanton who talks a little about the plot and about his creation.



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