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War Games 2 trailer online

WarGames.jpgThere's a trailer online for a film called War Games: The Dead Code, aka War Games 2. Yes, the sequel to the classic War Games.

This film looks as though it's getting a direct to DVD release, and perhaps quite rightly so when you see the trailer. My Dad will be upset, he loves the original so much.

The plot seems to have changed little since we first heard it way back in November of 2006.

Lanter plays computer hacker Will Farmer begins to play an online terrorist-attack simulation game against government super-computer Ripley, he’s in way over his head - because Ripley is actually a complex piece of spyware, designed to ferret out potential terrorists and scoop them up. Only Ripley is a paranoid nutjob who’s hell-bent on placing pretty much everyone on Earth in a 3×3 cell, lest they turn unpredictably hostile.

Unfortunately Flash has stopped working on my IE and won't reinstall, it's stopping after two seconds of play on Firefox, Opera has accidentally been uninstalled and to top things off Safari is crashing every time I try to bring up the site carrying it. So don't expect a round up on it from me, it's up to you to sell it to everyone – what do you think?

According to the word on the street though, the trailer for War Games: The Dead Code looks pretty awful. Have a look and tell us just how bad it is and how close to the original the story is too. I can say that straight away I saw Colm Feore in the image...but that's about all.

You can see the trailer over at /Film [Flash], although I couldn't, and from what I'm reading, thankfully so.



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