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Warlords and Lust, Caution at Hong Kong Film Awards

LustCaution.jpgThe Hong Kong Film Awards were held on Sunday night and although the biggest winner was The Warlords, there was a surprise award for Lust, Caution that goes against the actions of the Chinese government against the film and some of its stars.

You'll remember that the actress in the film Tang Wei has had an official ban placed against her from appearing in Chinese media, whether it be in film or in advertising media.

So it comes as great news that the Hong Kong Film Awards have awarded the film the award for Best Asian Film. That does kind of feel like a kick in the teeth for the Chinese Authorities and continues to show what the worldwide community really feel about the film and those involved.

Despite the notable award for Lust, Caution, it was The Warlords though that took the best awards as Variety tells us that it won eight awards including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor for Jet Li.

Other awards included Best Actor for Andy Lau in Protégé and Johnnie To for Best Screenplay for Mad Detective. Siqin Gaowa took the Best Actress award for The Postmodern Life of My Aunt.



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