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Watchmen sets online

Watchmen.jpgThere's a great little featurette appeared online that takes us through a few of the sets from the upcoming Watchmen film from Zack Snyder, and we're treated to views of several of the sets from the Comedian's house to the the New York streets.

We get to see the prison where Rorschach is held, Dr Manhattan's house and laboratory, Mason's garage, and even a short trip to the lair that features in the closing sections of the story.

Alex McDowell, the Production Designer on the film, talks about the Watchmen sets and how some of them have been built and how they relate to the graphic novel.

Not only is the video very revealing and comforting to a fan of the story, but it's also in high definition too, and that's where I noticed the owl sitting atop Mason's garage.

The sets do look fantastic, and you get the distinct impression that this film could really work well.

It seems that this won't be the last video reveal from the film either, Zack Snyder announces that each month on the sixth day he'll reveal a new video feature from behind the scenes of the film. Keep your eyes open.

For now head over to Coming Soon and see the first one, either watching it in flash or hitting the Quicktime HD link to see it in much more detail.



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