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Win Frank Sinatra at the Movies

FrankSinatra.jpgI've just reviewed Frank Sinatra at the Movies, a new CD that features Frank Sinatra singing some of the themes from films that he's performed over the years.

Now you have the chance to win a copy of the CD, and a pre release CD at that.

There's only one to give away, so I'm going to run this competition for a short time, this also means I can get it posted before I go away on holiday, well honeymoon!

To win a copy of the CD you have to be in the UK at the time of mailing and answer this easy question - for a clue head to the review:

"Name the two other most famous members of the Rat Pack"

Then just mail the answer to competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your full UK postal address and it's that easy.

The competition closes on Monday the 28th of April, so get entering.

With the number of entries received for this competition there was just no way I could do personal emails to everyone. So once again many thanks for entering and huge apologies to those who didn't win - next time might be your chance.

Congratulations to Malcolm (not my Dad - he doesn't like Sinatra anyway!) who won the copy. Enjoy!

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