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Win You Kill Me on DVD

YouKillMe.jpgI recently got the opportunity to watch You Kill Me on DVD, the film starring Ben Kingsley as the alcoholic hitman trying to go straight, and was rather impressed by it. It was much better than expected and had a much more wry and darker sense of humour than the trailers had suggested.

Now you can win yourself a copy on DVD, a DVD which includes two featurettes and a commentary from the director, John Dahl. After watching it I'd say this is definitely worth entering.

You Kill Me is the story of an alchoholic hitman, played by Ben Kingsley, sent away from the family to sort himself out. While he does he becomes a mortician, and begins to enjoy it, at the same time forming a bond with a woman played by Téa Leoni. Following the advice from his AA meetings and his sponsor, played by Luke Wilson, he begins to open up and tell the truth to all, and right in the middle of his recovery he's called back to work unexpectedly.

Not only are Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni and Luke Wilson in the film, but there are also some other big names such as Dennis Farina, Philip Baker Hall and Bill Pullman.

Directed by John Dahl who also directed Red Rock West, The Last Seduction and Rounders, and written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who also wrote The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and the two Narnia films.

My review of the film is coming, but as a quick roundup the performances are strong, the writing a little darker than expected and with a less out and out comic feel than the trailers suggest. Talking of which, here's a trailer for you to look at:

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Windows Media Player: Large, Medium, Small

Now to be in with a chance of winning the DVD which carries a Widescreen version of the film, Director's Commentary, Behind the Scenes Featurette and Effects Featurette, simply answer the following question and be resident in the UK.

Téa Leoni starred in a film with Will Smith, what was the title?

Send your answer to competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your full UK postal address, and that's it.

That simple. Competition closes on 19th of April, so get entering. Remember my decision is final, and I'll randomly chose the winners from those who supply the correct answer.

The competition is closed and winners have been notified. Irene, Ian and Andrea you are the lucky winners - I respect people's privacy so I'm not giving out their full names.

Also I've not really publicly notified everyone of winners on competitions before, I've emailed everyone directly, but this competition had so many entries there's just no way I can, sorry. So thanks for entering to everyone who did and better luck next time!



[Answer removed - Richard]

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