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Wolverine casting spoiler?

Wolverine.jpgApparently, I say that because I was never a big Wolverine comic reader, there's a huge spoiler in the latest casting of the film, and so I should warn you to proceed with kid gloved fingers.

News arrives of a character that has been added to the cast, a British actor who has a lot of martial arts training, Scott Adkins, and it's his role that contains the spoiler.

According to the story coming through Jo Blo, Scott Adkins is set to play a rather large part in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine storyline, someone from his past that would reveal a lot about the film. Here goes, I've delayed for as many lines as I can (actually I could delay more but I'm getting bored). He's playing Weapon 11. That was a damp squib for me, but perhaps a crashing symbol for you.

All that I can tell you about the character is that he gets into a huge fight with Wolverine. Anyone who has been brave enough to come this far would be most welcome to tell us more, particularly me! Just how involved is his character in the story, and why?



Well, you haven't ruined it for me. :-) I haven't a clue what Weapon 11 has to do with Wolverine! I am psyched to see this movie!

From what I can gather (bearing in mind that I dip in and out of comic books and have been more "out" than "in" in recent years!) it has something to do with Wolverine originally being "Weapon X" in the Canadian Governments super soldier style project, Weapon Plus. Other characters involved in the Weapon Project were Sabertooth and Shivae. Then during Grant Morrisons run on Wolverine he introduced more "Weapons", with Weapon 11 coming after Wolvie(?) - making him a more advanced version maybe?

Not sure about the whole ins and outs of it, but it was the Weapon project that bonded the adamantium to Wolverines bones, and people originally assumed they were the people who had given him his claws as well (but then it was revealed in Origin that Wolverine always had claws but they were originally just bone).

Curse those fingers of mine! "Shiva" not "Shivae"!! ;)

Cheers Wyverex. I think we're beginning to get the picture. We're looking at a bunch of guys from the Weapon's project that spawned Wolverine fighting each other. Wolverine has gone solo, or as they would probably think rogue and so the other weapons are sent to kill him. Sounds not too far from the idea.

This is something that I am sure my friend Morbius would know more about than me! I only read that issue with Jean Grey in it. Hehehe....

All I know is the "X" in Weapon X more likely related to Wolverine being a Mutant with an eXtra gene (as in The X-Men) not the number 10.

D'oh, Hollywood does it again!

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