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Wonder Woman, Speed Racer 2 and Ninja Assassin

WonderWoman.jpgJoel Silver has been talking a lot the last few days and has been revealing what state Wonder Woman is in, and where the Wachowski's and he are going next – a possible sequel to Speed Racer, and two films for Ninja Assassin.

Wonder Woman was last seen with the script they had from Joss Whedon being dropped and a speculative script bought from two guys who had developed a World War II origin story.

The good news is that the plans for Wonder Woman continue, although Joss Whedon isn't involved. The two writers, Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland, who sold the speculative World War II Wonder Woman script are still writing the new version, and this one will be without the World War II backdrop.

What Joel Silver revealed through IESB is that they are actually going to write an origin story for the character, he had been steering the film away from that idea, and it will look to her background and Paradise Island.

Although he wouldn't say whether they had a director on board for the film or not, he did say that Andy Wachowski had a great idea for the opening of the film, so perhaps they could be taking the helm?

I'm quite keen to see a Wonder Woman film, after all it's such an unusual story when you look at all the other Superhero films we have in the past. Elektra is the only other close female Superhero to compare against and that film wasn't handled very well.

In other news, while Silver was talking about the Wachowski's again, Collider heard him speak of a sequel to Speed Racer and for the as yet started Ninja Assassin.

“...they have a great story idea for a sequel to this movie (Speed Racer), we have a great idea for a sequel if it makes sense to make it. They have a great idea for a sequel to Ninja if they want to make it.”

He doesn't really give much more away, but does say that Ninja Assassin is going to be a martial arts film with the reliance on effects comparable to Matrix rather than Speed Racer. Interesting to see that there are sequel ideas for both films already.

So sequels to Speed Racer and the as yet unfilmed Ninja Assassin, and the news that Wonder Woman is still going ahead and that the two new writers are on the case. Couldn't be better, could it?



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