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Wright and Pegg writing doomsday film

EdgarWright.jpgThere's word leaking out about the next film from the duo of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, and it's direct from the horses' mouth.

In a recent interview he revealed the direction that the third film in their planned trilogy is going to go, science fiction.

Apparently Edgar Wright was talking about the deal that he's just signed with Working Title for two more films and the revealed the title for the next film, The World's End. They were then asked by The Guardian through Cinematical if that suggested it was going to be a science fiction type end of the world film, and they replied that:

"It's kind of going in that direction"

Now while that's not conclusive, it probably would be the direction if you think about the title.

Wright has been signed up for two more films with Working Title, the first is with Simon Pegg and will be this The World's End film, and the other will be an action thriller called Baby Driver. The latter sounds rather strange, but it'll be interesting to see Wright tackle an action film.

These guys really have become hot property since the early days of Spaced, and it's well deserved, although Simon Pegg could be a little choosier in his film roles.

Science fiction end of the world film, of course it could also be a Pirates of the Caribbean take off?! I think a doomsday film is going to be a strong choice considering how well they did with zombies. Thankfully it's not going to be a romantic comedy, something Pegg isn't that hot on.



this post title mislead me a bit. thought you were going to say that they appear in the new neil marshall film called Doomsday

Well since it's not a capital 'D' it wouldn't be, but I take your point.

Since I'm not a keyword junkie desperate for every hit I'm happy to change it.


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