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X-Files: I Want to Believe plot revealed

XFiles2.jpgX-Files: I Want to Believe, aka the silly name for X-Files 2, and yes I want to believe it's going to be good despite dropping the alien plot line, has been doing a great job of keeping the plot covered up, until now it seems.

For the plot outline has made it online, and while Fox are desperately trying to remove it from everywhere they can, the information is still online, and it's not anything to do with aliens it would seem, although it is still pretty spooky.

The plot was placed on Wikipedia taken from the back of the upcoming novelisation of the film, and then copied by Jo Blo (who have since been asked to remove it by Fox) and then AICN (who still have it). Now I've seen it too.

You can read the entire plot over at AICN, as I'm not about to start fighting with Fox lawyers over it and I know if I print it I'll be asked to remove it pretty quickly.

Looking at the novel blurb that X-Files: I Want to Believe is supposedly based around, it does seem to be far from any alien story line and is actually about missing women, experimentation and a mad priest with visions.

Now I wonder if even that is going to upset Fox. I want to believe this is going to be good, I do, and to be fair the plot doesn't sound that bad does it? I guess I really have to let go of the whole alien conspiracy storyline that I was so keen on, but then it's such a mammoth story are we going to be led to believe it all just went away in time for this story to appear?



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