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More 44 Inch Chest casting

RayWinstone.jpgI wrote about 44 Inch Chest back in September of last year (yes, mine's bigger than yours - private message, Richard) and was interested from the outset.

The story back then was Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Tim Roth and Ian McShane star in a tale about a man teaming up with his friends to take revenge against the Italian lover of his wife. Now news comes that a few more interesting names have been added to the cast.

Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Dillane, Joanne Whalley and Melvil Poupaud have signed up for the film according to Variety through Cinematical and Cinema Blend.

However there's another name appearing on the IMDB listing that adds to this list of strong character and stage actors, and that's Steven Berkoff. Now that list is surely one to get stage fans, Simone included, extra interested in this film.

Not only is the cast so strong but the story will be too as it comes from the writers of Sexy Beast, now for those of you who haven't seen that film let me tell you that it's a cracking one and it's really well written. Louis Melles and David Scinto were behind both that script and this one.

Malcolm Venville is the director on the film, and he only carries two previous credits to his name on IMDB. The short film Silent Film and the short television documentary film Remembering Sister Ruth which interviews Kathleen Byron about her work on Black Narcissus and her career thereafter, neither of which I've seen

However what's bothering me at the moment is that every site is throwing this under the British Gangster genre label, something that so far sounds incidental in the plot. That British Gangster label hasn't exactly done any films any favours and that's probably down to one writer/director in particular.

44 Inch Chest sounds like a far more interesting tale, and with Ray Winstone playing the wronged man heading for revenge you have to think that this is going to be something cracking to watch.



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