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Spiderman 4 & 5 back to back?

Spiderman.jpgA script for Spiderman 4 has been written and 5 could be on the way as well, and they may end being filmed back to back.

Cinematical has some inside news that James Vanderbilt has written a script for Spiderman 4. However the secret source also has this to say:

...his story arc has encompassed two films, making Spider-Man 5 shootable at the same time. The studio saw dollar signs and is in the process of reworking his deal to snatch up the story arc.

Negotiations are still ongoing though so nothing is concrete yet. What do you think, good idea? Would you want Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst back? Or is it time for a different incarnation altogether? Any villains you want to see?



How about Venom coming back to take on his offspring Carnage,and maybe Carnage's goodguy symbiot offspring Toxin?HobGoblin,Rhino,Misterio,Lizard,Vulture,Kraven the Hunter...I could go on and on.Angelina Jolie as The Black Cat???How cool would that be!

I think they have to go the way of Venom, otherwise they're just leaving the fans hanging, but I think they're going to need a big change of cast.


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