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Airwolf replica helicopter for sale

Airwolf.JPGEver wanted to own Kit from Knight Rider? Maybe you want to have a Batmobile in the garage. Well now you could own a full size replica of the helicopter from Airwolf! Sweet.

Richard sent this one all the way from Sequoia. Watch out for those bears you two. A guy is selling a full size Airwolf replica here on EBay. Here is some of the spec:

The full size Airwolf replica was made with an existing Bell 222A airframe. The side panels, nose panel and refueling port were all made from the specs from the original Airwolf and are exact. The ADF pod and chainguns are not included in this auction, but will be available if anyone is interested.

It was apparently built for a helicopter museum in Tennessee which went bust. The current highest bid stands at $38,900.00. Would be even better if it could fly, and I'd definitely want the chainguns that's for sure!



The theme tune is running through my head now...with some helicopter lessons I could fly this puppy home!

Fantastic time for Airwolf fans with lots happening on the scene!

Not only has the digitally re-mastered, official AIRWOLF THEMES soundtrack been recently released for Digital downloads onto Apple iTunes Store and Amazon.com (see the official website at www.airwolfthemes.com), Airwolf being one of the top shows streaming on-line at Hulu.com, and a new Airwolf Magazine (‘The Wolf’s Lair’) coming out, but now most importantly we all have a chance to buy our very own “Lady” to play that wonderfully iconic music in!

The full-size Replica Airwolf was developed and built by master prop builder (and genius who did the Airwolf Replica Helmets), Steven W. Stull.

The Wolf Has Come Back From The Womb With A Boom. Happy days.

I take it you're a fan then? What would you think to an Airwolf movie?

You say this helicopter is unflyabe. Would there be away to be able to get this Airwolf helicopter to fly?

You know I think it would probably be easier and cheaper to get a new helicopter and rebuild it rather than try and make the replica fly.

is there actually anywhere in this world some one who can tell me if a real airwolf bell 222 helicopter is for sale,not a rc,but the real one,ok,a real replica. one that can actually fly??

please let me know

You know I think it would probably be easier and cheaper to get a new helicopter and rebuild it rather than try and make the replica fly.

There is actually now (finally) a *flying* Airwolf Replica (a painted up 222 that caters for tourist flights around London that launched during summer 2012. Their website is: www.b222wolf.com


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