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Could the next Spiderman have been found ?

Spiderman.jpgRecently we heard that Spiderman 4 and 5 had been given the go ahead, and that the script for each had allowed for the possibility of them being filmed back to back. This raised all sorts of questions as to whether Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst would be back, and what would happen if they weren't.

Well now there are two possible names, on a list of people to become the new Peter Parker. Head inside to find out who they are.

Latino Review has a scoop form one of their insiders, that the man main being talked about as a potential new Spiderman is none other than Patrick Fugit. He's been in Almost Famous and Wristcutters amoung others. They also stress that no offers have been made just yet.

The man tipped as number two on the list has also been identified as Michael Angarano. He also starred in Almost Famous, playing a younger version of the role played by Fugit.

Again these are both rumours at this stage. But assuming that Tobey Maguire wasn't coming back, and judging a book mostly by it's cover, I'd prefer Angarano as the new Peter Parker. What do you think, are either of these two right for you? Or do you have someone else in mind?



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