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Babylon A.D. Teaser Trailer

BabylonAD.jpgThe teaser trailer for the Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh starrer Babylon A.D. from Mathieu Kassovitz is online, and while it doesn't give us that much and seems rather clumsily cut together, it has some great flashes of action in there.

I'm actually a big Diesel fan, and I think Yeoh is a great actress as well as having a wise beauty about her, and Kassovitz has The Crimson Rivers and La Haine in his directing past so there's a lot of great reasons to see this film.

The teaser though is not one of them. It's currently over at allocine [Flash], thanks to Janine at VinXperience for passing it on.

This is pretty much the earliest of teasers though, so let's not judge it too harshly. Have a look through it and see what glimpses of action you can see, and prepare yourself for a stronger full trailer from Babylon A.D..



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