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Back from Honeymoon

Well I'm back from honeymoon and I've started work again this week, oh joy! Not only that but I'm back on Filmstalker too. However I'm not going to be alone anymore.

For a while now I've been struggling under the growing weight of reviews and keeping the news side going and I've genuinely been wondering what to do with the site and if the honeymoon was a sign of giving up the site forever.

The time away has done me well though, and my friend Louise has been doing a fantastic job of keeping the site ticking over. More than that her writing is really coming along and she's bringing an interesting perspective to the stories.

So when I returned Louise was keen to keep going. She's been doing the Sunday round-up and my holiday cover for some time now and she's obviously gotten the bug for it.

Filmstalker has always been about my love for film and is very personal to me, but I just couldn't keep doing the news and reviews at the same time, something had to give. While I was on honeymoon I was considering dropping the news items to a single commentary per day, however Louise has come along and offered to keep writing news stories.

I've resisted adding someone else to the site because as soon as a site does this it becomes more than a personal site, a personal site with an interesting viewpoint on cinema usually becomes something more serious, a commercial venture. From personal enjoyment to a business.

Yet I can't keep reviewing films, considering the amount of screeners I'm receiving, and running the site itself while writing all the news items and having a life, I just couldn't. So when Louise offered to keep going with the level of involvement she's kept up through my time off I couldn't say no.

It still feels as though I'm not letting Filmstalker go all business-like and commercial because Louise is a good friend and local and is just easing the burden on the news side. She'll keep writing news stories, as will I, but I'll concentrate more on the reviews, competitions, features and upgrading the site.

So welcome Louise and do show her the same support as you've shown myself and Filmstalker, and do bear in mind that this will still say a small site, we're not going all commercial and trying to battle the other sites who have, we're just here to talk about the films we love and prompt discussion and debate.

Welcome Louise, and here's to more reviews and features!



That is fantastic news! You will love it here in Filmstalker Louise! Hehehe

And welcome back Richard! ;)

Thanks Simone, good and bad to be back!!

Thanks Simone!


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