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Batman 3 plot rumours

TheJoker.jpgThere are some rumours out about where the Batman series will go after The Dark Knight. I'd take them with a pinch of salt but you never know, they might be true. Read on below and beware spoilers.

Following The Dark Knight it could be that the next film will concentrate on the graphic novels, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. Cinema Blend has an insider who says that these novels should provide the plot for the next film. However it looks like there will not be a Joker in the next film, but there should be more Two-Face and Robin may even pop up.

So there we go, it may all go another way but we will find out in time. Has anyone read the two graphic novels they are referring to? I'm a little sceptical about Robin showing up, I'm still pained by Chris O'Donnell in Batman and Robin.



I really hope they keep Robin out of these new Batman movies.

Keeping The Joker out of #3 might be a good idea actually, allowing time to pass before recasting the role for a potential #4.

Assuming of course that the series gets that far and that The Joker remains alive come the end of The Dark Knight.

I'm with you James, no Robin would suit me fine. And recasting The Joker after Heath Ledger's death would be extremely difficult, not to mention the fact that going by the trailer he has set a high benchmark.

I'd be fine if they leave Robin out of the Batman movies, especially since Bruce is still in the beginning stages of his crusade.

I honestly hope the Joker is still alive after this movie and sent to Arkham, where he can stew for a movie, then can appear once more if there is a fourth movie. Of course by then we'd likely be looking at a new cast and director.

I think Christopher Nolan is likely to be in for a third one, but after that it's anyone's guess...

I think I can see that course of action for Joker Meli. He'll go away for a bit and come back later, if the series continues.

I can see a Robin coming in, just imagine a complete reimagining of the character and not that yellow suited one or the My Captain version. Imagine a gang member being rehabilitated by Wayne and slowly being taken into his confidence as more a Nightwing type hero than the silly Robin. I could see that working, it's just that name!

It's pretty certain that the next film will be Two-Face though, I don't really see it going any other way.

I'm very much looking forward, as everyone else is, to see The Dark Knight. I read the comics it's based on and I strongly believe 2-face will be the focal point on the next movie. If they bring back Joker, although it may be hard to find a good substitute for Ledger, a good way to end "The Dark Knight" would be to have Joker in Arkham and be introduced to Dr. Harlene Quinnzel. That way whenever they decide to bring the Joker back, Harley Quinn can be in the mix. Keep in mind too, Ledger's Joker is a younger Joker. They can get different actor to play an older Joker down the line. If part 3 of the new Batman franchise is going to have TwoFace as the main villian, then a good way to bring in 2 other main villians would be to have the next movie based on Mob wars and have the opposing gangs run by Black Mask and Scarface/The Ventrilaquist.
Robin they shouldn't even bother with, unless they do the Jason Todd Robin, that way it'd be another opening for the Return of the Joker; in which it could follow the storyline of "A Death in the Family."
Otherwise, if they have to give Batman a sidekick, make it BatGirl, as it was already hinted in batman begins that Gordan has a child. It'd have to be like a part 5 in the movie saga or something cause Gordan's kid is seen as just still being a baby.
Whatever they decide to do, I'm sure it'll be fine with the fans....just as long as Chris Nolan continues to direct them and Christian Bale, Michael Cane, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman continue to play their roles.

Okay I was with you until you mentioned Batgirl - Batgirl? Seriously? You could see that working and not Robin?

Robin will only work if they have joker kill him off...as they never ventured into that story line in the animated series...or if they have robin become nightwing...or skip robin all together and just go with nightwing. I said they should have batgirl instead just cause they can develop story with her going behind gordan's back and he's gain so much trust in batman, it'd be a good conflict.
That and they screwed her up so badly in the batman and robin movie, they need to fix that properly. However, Gordan's wife in this new batman series' name is Barbara....so it could be that she becomes batgirl....she kinda already looks the part...I forget the actress' name though.

well they had initially signed ledger for 2 movies so idk but i mean the recasted katie holmes's spot so who knows what will happen my gut feeling is joker two face and a girl either harley quinn or catwoman im leaning towards harley quinn tho

Well they could have Gordon's daughter/wife become a vigilante heroine a bit like Batman, but I think Batgirl really belongs to the camp era, as does Robin...unless you are right and they make him a Nightwing character from the outset, even if he is partnered with Batman. However that goes too much against the mythology.

I think they have to leave both alone and keep concentrating on Batman and his foes.

Personally I think the next film is Two-Face's with the rise of anther villain to leave it hanging open for another film. After that it's a new team I would imagine and Joker won't be back until the forth or fifth...if there are more.

you people do realize its Batman & Robin not just strictly Batman don't get me wrong this is a new and improved Batman and the Batman & Robin movie was plain god awful, but don't forget Two-Face kills Dick's parents so what better way to have Two-Face come back and introduce a new and improved "Darker" version of Robin. If they didn't want Robin in the 3rd movie then why cast Harvey Dent in the first place. I'm all up for keeping it the way it is now but they shouldn't of casted Two-Face in this movie if they didn't want to have Robin in it.

it's just common sense

No two face because he dies at the end of the movie

hopefully no robin and bale said he does not want one

the next movie will be about the penguin, with joker on his way to prison & 2 face apparently dead (which he is a cover up by police), penguin is also joker buddy from the comics. and also down with harvey dent I will tell you guys more manana have to get to work.

Sorry guys cont... from earlier, the Dark Knight included a Gotham Times newspaper, featuring a newspaper ad for the Iceberg Lounge, one of the Penguin's businesses. Also robin may appear at the end of the next batman movie when Harvey Dent kills his folks Thus 4th movie BATMAN & ROBIN go head attack my blog I waiting :-)

R.I.P. Heath Ledger one hell of a joker very impress in his acting god rest his soul. Who can they use as next joker ?????

there was talk of Jim Carrey playin the next joker, i know he's already played the riddler but i wonder what he would look like with the make-up?? comments??

Oh no, Carrey couldn't play the Joker to that degree.

in all fairness i didnt even like him as the Riddler

they should put harley quinn following orders from the joker in arkham till he comes back to a possible 4th film. make her as evil, more violent, and unreasonable as the joker in the dark knight

I really hope they put Harley in the next film. I was impressed by the Dark Knight, to be sure, but heartily disappointed when there was no Harley. I agree with you, John, she should take orders from Joker for a bit, or at least have it hinting at that. If she was completely taking orders from Joker, they might have to show her actually talking to him, which would require a Joker bit part, which woudl NOT be good now that Heath Ledger (god rest his soul) is dead.

Also, NO Jim Carrey as Joker. His Riddler was weak as it is.

didnt they meet in Arkham too?

what would they call the 3rd film? this is if we remember the first feature not to have Batman in the title. What name should they use?

theres talk of Johnny Depp as the Joker also...but no one can replace ledgers performance

i dont think johnny depp would be a suitable replacement for the joker, they need someone darker like heath but still no one could touch what he did

I think that Batman 3 could go without the Joker for now, however, if it does come down to replacing him, I think that Daniel Day-Lewis would fit really well. Depp is a great actor as well and could probably do a great job, but Day-Lewis is so into the method action I think he could really get into the part.

I think it'd be stupid to bring Robin into the 3rd movie. He is such an unnecessary sidekit that brought the other movies down. He was more hassle than worth and with actors such as Christian Bale , Christopher Nolan, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman why would you want to bring in another actor that would most likely bring down the average popularity of the cast?
As the movies are independant of any of the catoons comics and movies they can afford to make up whatever story line they wish......please please please don't write the script containing Penguin, Dr Freeze or poison ivy!!! The more human the characters the better and more realistic the movie can be!

Spot on Scarecrow. All this talk of the more comic supervillains has me worried, but I think if the Nolan brothers are writing then they won't try anything too silly.

Two-face for The Caped Crusader

Joker for Batman 4

2face for 3
joker for 4

God Help Us if they have Robin in the Next Batman Movie, it just makes it really cheesy. If they did have the Joker in The next Batman Film i would reccomend Johnny Depp as he has a flicker of insanity in him [in a good way] and he has a bright character to play the role. He is definatley the best actor to play the role of the Joker. I hope they do have the Joker in the next film otherwise it would be pointless in having another batman film.

I do not think that they should have all those cheesy and crappy characters like Batgirl and Robin. It should be Just Batman and the Joker.

they said they were planning on Johnny Depp for the Riddler and some english guy for The Penguin

they shud get jonny depp to play joker and then he shud create poison ivy like hes supposed too but he3 shud have a small part

Wait a minute fellas, this is Chris Nolan that's now directing the Bat-flicks not Joel Schumacher. Think about it so far every Batman film Nolan directed turned out to be gold. Think about it, what if Nolan introduces Robin? It could be done successfully if he were to do in his style. As far as the villains go I hope Joker makes a cameo with "Harleen Quinzel" and I would like to see Catwoman in the next movie.

Didn't we see the scarecrow in TDK? Why not a reprisal of him to a greater extent???

From what I’ve read, the talks are of having Jonny Depp playing the Riddler and to have Philip Seymour Hoffman play the Penguin. Which I think could be pretty cool. I think that after seeing the end to the dark knight it would be cool to see some of the following happen.

-Joker goes to Arkham for the 3rd movie that way in a later movie they could bring on a new actor to play an older joker roll, and have the help of Harley Quinn.

-The Riddler and Penguin are the new villains with two-face as an underlying story villain, whose kills Robbins parents.
Or if you wanted to stay true to the comic, have his parents killed by Tony Zucco who is a crime boss in Gotham. For the roll of robin I think an actor like Emile Hirsch could play Robin. He’s a young actor and much shorter than Bale, which fits the Robin look, plus he has action and serious roll experience. The reason I would like to see Robin in the movie is because at the end of the movie “The Dark Knight”, batman is a renegade so to say and is on the run. He’s going to need help to keep justice in Gotham, and what better way than to bring on a sidekick to help him defeat The Riddler and Penguin. If they wanted to they could put a throw back of the 1st batman movie into the 3rd with the roll of Vickie Vale who could still be a psychiatrist but helping Robin cope with his parents death, and find his motivation to become a hero. I think with the way Nolan directed the last 2 movies he could do a great job at restoring Robin to a darker hero.

-I defiantly agree with keeping villains like Mr. Freeze and Poison ivy out of the picture. I really like seeing a realistic villain. In the 4th movie Nolan could use villains like:

1.) The Hangman who is is revealed to be Sofia Falcone, daughter of the late crime boss, Carmine Falcone. A serial killer (during the Dark Victory storyline), who murders police officers on every holiday of the year, leaving behind a version of the children's word game "Hangman" (with key letters missing) with each new victim. All of the victims are police officers who, in one way or another, helped Harvey Dent rise to his position of District Attorney.

2.) The Reaper aka Judson Caspian, who is a socialite by day and an ultra-violent vigilante by night. After losing his wife to a robbery, he becomes The Reaper. He prowls Gotham to seek revenge for the death of his wife.

3.) The Mad Hatter aka Jervis Tetch, who is a former research scientist, and completely smitten with the works of Lewis Carroll. He is an insane neuroscientist and developed hardware that can control the brain and induce hypnotic states, and often uses hats or other headgear for hypnosis.

Just some ideas……….

I think in any case Nolan, his film crew, and writing staff will surely put out another great movie like the last 2 movies.

How about James Gandalfini as the Penguin, and Depp for the Riddler. And believe it or not I think Brad Pitt could reprise the role of the Joker in a future film. Put the make up on him and combine the roles he played in fight club an 12 monkeys...

I don't understand why so many people are opposed to the idea of The Penguin making an appearance in a Nolan-Batman film. They can easily tone it down and make the character more "real". It would be quite easy to portray The Penguin as simply a gangster/arms dealer as was rumored before.

"The Penguin" could simply be his mob nickname because of a distinctive feature, ie., a prominent nose. We don't need to have him wah-wah-wah-ing around the screen like in previous outings.

As much as I'd like to see Johnny Depp take over as The Joker for a future film, I think it would be a bit too much given that he also took over from Ledger in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and I doubt that Depp would want to become "Heath Ledger's stand-in".

Other than Depp, I could certainly see Guy Pearce filling the purple suit.

"don't forget Two-Face kills Dick's parents so what better way to have Two-Face come back and introduce a new and improved "Darker" version of Robin. If they didn't want Robin in the 3rd movie then why cast Harvey Dent in the first place."

Robin's were murdered by Two-Face in "Batman Forever", not the comics. These movies are not remakes of the Burton/Shumacher films. (Note, Bruce Waynes parents were not murdered by The Joker in Batman Begins either.)

Correction my post was meant to say "Robin's Parents were murdered by Two-Face in Batman Forever"

I like your ideas Ian, and they sound more in line with what the Nolan's have hinted at, that it won't be a villain we've seen before. Hangman and Reaper sound interesting ones, but would they be big enough for the audience? Maybe with the main villain being Two Face again.

James I think you've just answered your own question, there's no real hook with the Pengiun once you take away all the fantastical stuff - for example with the Riddler there's much more to him, a serial killer leaving clues to his next kills, etc. has some interesting twists.

Guy Pearce is a superb choice for the character.

my only problem with the next story line is if they introduce a new Riddler why wouldnt they introduce and New but Darker version of Robin, and if the Penguin is in the next movie theres no way Batman can face 3 villians unless he was superhuman like Superman

I think I trust Chris Nolan not to ruin Batman. There are rumors of The Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin as an international arms dealer as villians. Well Catwoman semi-villian. If that's where they are going with this I have faith in Chris Nolan.
I hope Joker & Harlequin appear in the 4th film, maybe Bane in 4th or 5th films. Joker Brings in Banes expertise. If they bring in Robin, they would have to re-imagine him completely to fit him into Nolan's Dark Knight World. He should not be called Robin. He needs a name that inspires fear like Batman's. He could start out as teenaged guardian angel style vigilante. Maybe he should be called "The Dark Angel" a better name than Robin. Who does well on his own for a time but gets in over his head. Expert in martial arts, acrobatics, escape artist, and a dark ninja style costume. Batman doesnt accept him as a partner at first. He doesn't know his identity yet. Takes him in temporarily when he feels reponsible for the death of his parents. His family performed for a Cirque De Solei type company. He discovers later he was The Dark Angel. To throw people off make him Asian not white. When Batman is injured by Bane (not a back breaking). Joker runs wild. After a few months of no Batman, the suffers a little. Without permission, Robin AKA "The Dark Angel" temporarily takes over until he is healed. Catwoman could be in this also. She has a crush on Batman and mistake Robin for him. Catwoman could fight Harlequin. The Joker knows something is not quite right about this Batman. Sets a trap for Robin AKA (Dark Angel/ Dark Knight). He faces Bane for round 2 does pretty good for a bit but gets in over his head. Batman not quite 100% rushes to save Dark Angel from his fate. He is forced to take a life to save a life. Joker is Killed. Bane defeated.

i believe the joker SHOULD NOT be acted by a big time actor like depp, day lewis, etc... (they would get all the attention...) obviously the crowd will accept the jokers new face since heaths death... i truly believe that the joker role should be heavily casted and a not so big actor or a really new actor should do the role. (id rather see the joker in a face i dont know like a new actor, than in a face we are all used to.... we would say "hey theres depp" not " hey theres the joker...") with practice and effort you can actually act as good as heath, it would deffinately not be the same but you can really act it as good. dark knight is my fave film, its incredible.

Ok where do i start if there is a third then the riddler should be in it and played by nicolas cage a perfect cast for a perfect role

i think that the joker shud not be replaced, it wudnt be the same, no one cud take heaths part!
the riddler cud be done with a very talented actor to play although he is fairly similar to the joker in ways?
penguin and robin shudnt be brought in, they need to lay off the cheesy camp stuff they did in the other films, and i heard angelina jolie to play catwoman god please no... why bring a girl in it? it wud just be a cheesy love story and wud spoil it all. it was alright with rachel as she grew up with bruce and it was more.
i really hope they think about this, the dark knight was so good, that they really need to think about this.
stay away from the old batman films as much as possible!!!

The third movie is going to be divided in half. The Joker and The Dark Knight won't even speak to each other in the third movie. Bruce Wayne will be too busy dealing with 1) Alfred being in the hospital due to being stabbed by Victor Zsasz 2) His newest love interest Ruby Ryder 3) Oswald Cobblepot attempting to buy out his company while also working with crime lords 4) Keeping Coleman Reese's big mouth shut 5) and the cops chasing him whenever he is dressed as a Bat. Plus, The Joker will be too busy dealing with 1) Arkham's finest attempting to get into his head 2) His love interest Harleen Quinzel 3) Scarecrow constantly trying to use his gas to scare him 4) and finding out a way to escape. This is going to be a movie divided in half.

What else? I have already said that Victor Zsasz and Oswald Cobblepot will be the new problems for Batman. I also mentioned that Harley Quinn will be invented by The Joker in this next film. What else? I did mention Coleman Reese, aka. Mr. Reese, aka. Mysteries? Here's the deal, Coleman Reese will have a pribate meeting with his boss Bruce Wayne about "certain topics". Bruce Wayne will give Reese a charitable amount of money and tell him to leave town and never speak of the Batman anywhere. Reese takes the money and agrees. However, he then realizes how special the information he has really is. Instead of leaving and hiding his secret, he decides to flaunt it. He starts telling people that he will give people Batman's identity in echange for cash. He buys himself a money cash coloured (green) suit so that everyone can recognize him. He is Mr. Reese. He is The Riddler, the man who knows the answer to the greatest riddle of all, "Who is the Batman?". He never ends up telling anyone thought, they show him the cash and then he takes it and runs. The mob (Cobblepot) ends up catching him and threatening his life. Reese gives them two options, "Kill me and keep on dealing with Batman, or use me to end the reign of the Batman.". The mod is intrigued and decide to keep him around.

So, when you think about it, it is almost like 3 stories, Bruce Wayne, The Joker and Coleman Reese. Any more questions? Oh, who is Victor Zsasz? Glad you asked. Go to Batman Villains on wikipedia, find his name, read about his comic book history and then come back here and read the next paragraph.

What we find out about Zsasz in the next film is that he actually became a serial killer because Oswald Cobblepot won all of Victor's money at a casino. This lead to the scene at the bridge where Zsasz kills his first person and gives his body it's first "tick". When Zsasz finds out that Cobblepot in back in Gotham and is holding a party and invites all guests, Zsasz attends with the full intention of ending Oswald's life. At the party he walks towards Cobblepot, pulling out his knife. He then gets bumped into accidentally by Alfred (Wayne was invited and Alfred tagged along). Alfred notices the blade, so Zsasz stabs him first and then leaps on Oswald. This catches Gordon's attnetion (he also was there). Victor aims his blade at Oswald's neck, but Gordon pulls him back, causing Victor's swing to instead slice Oswald's nose. Zsasz gets away due to the cops helping Cobblepot to the hospital and Batman not being at the scene because Bruce is already half way to the hospital with the injured Alfred. Days pass and Zsasz finds out that Alfred didn't die (after already giving himself an addiional "tick"). This is very much like the cmoic books. He makes his way to the hospital, not able to kill anyone else until he kills Alfred. He finds Alfred's room, and confronts Wayne. Without the Batsuit, Bruce and Victor fight. The cops come and break them up. As the cops attempt to take Zsasz back to Arkham, Zsasz realizes that he couldn't live knowing that a man he thought he killed was still alive. So, he kills himself. This heroic effort from Wayne, gives people a different outlook on the billionaire. As for Oswald, in the same hospital, he gets surgery on his nose. After the surgery, his nose looks very plastic and pointed. The surgery also changes his voice to a higher pitch. He now always sounds like he has a cold. These new features give him the Penguin nickname which he hates. He starts to brutally assault anyone who calls him it. There is your story on Zsasz and Cobblepot.

Some of you don't know who Ruby Ryder is. Well, she is pretty much a rich girl that every girl wants to be and guy wants to be with, but she gets her money through crime with the mob, but no one knows that. She takes a liking to Bruce at the Cobblepot party, thus distracting Bruce leaving Alfred alone to get stabbed by Victor. Ruby meets Bruce again at the hospital and wants to have dinner with him. With Alfred nudging him on, in his hospital bed, Wayne, although not totally over Rachel Dawes, agrees. Ruby grows to like Bruce enough that she tries to persuade him to go into the crime business with her. He at first pretends to be interested to find out as much information as he can. This leads Ruby to inviting him to meeting between her and Cobblepot. At that point Bruce declines. Ruby understands. Now that Bruce knows the address and time of the meeting, he will show up, not as Wayne, but as Batman. This will make for the climax of Batman's story in the third film.
What about the story of The Joker? What is he up to all this time? Well Gordon sees to it personally that he is put in the most security filled place in Arkham. Many psychiatrists find tthe Joker case interesting and ask to talk to him. Gordon lets them talk to the Joker through strong glass (much like Silence of the Lambs). The Joker ends up scaring all of the psychiatrists away with his stories and outlooks on life. Gordon is about to prohibit any more talks with The Joker until Harleen Quinzel comes along. She convinces Gordon to let her try. The Joker sees something more in Harleen. He ends up calling her Harley for short. By theend of their meeting, Harleen tells the Comissioner that she would like another meeting with him. No one has asked that before. Gordon was weary on the situation. Days go by, meetings go by. Harleen remains with The Joker. The Joker continues to fill her head with his ideas. Gordon sees no cracking in Harleen. However, he doesn't see and imporvement in the Joker either. Gordon talks with Jonathan Crane, Scarecrow (who is now a patient at Arkham after getting caught in Dark Knight). Scarecrow claims that fear is the only way to get through to crazy people like The Joker. Gordon says he will try it out. He explains the situation to Harleen. She doesn't like it. "Scarecrow can't be trusted!", she claims. "He will try and frighten Mr. J and then I will have to start all over with him.". Gordon said that she was getting to close with Joker and threatens to close off her talkis with him. She agrees that Crane can talk to him, but she wants to be in the room as well to see what he does. Gordon agrees, and also has two guards accompany them. Crane then says that he must have him in a room where no one else can see them (much like the room where he made Falcone crazy). So, Crane, Quinzel, two guards and The Joker meet in the room, alone. Gordon slips a gun to Quinn, just in case she "absolutely needs" to use it. In the meeting, Crane first talks to the Joker, the Joker talks back. They get in a psychological debate which The Joker seems to be winning until Crane talks of fear and sprays the Joker with the gas. Crane then puts on the Scarecrow mask and attempts to scare the Joker silly. The Joker laughs hysterically. Yes, the gas had an impact on the Joker, but it wasn't one of fear. The Joker was laughing, almost screaming in laughter. He starts losing his voice from the yells of laughter. Scarecrow is frustrated and strikes the Joker. One guard goes to attack Scarecrow. He sprays him, while The Joker attacks the other guard. The Joker and Crane both kill their designated guard and have guns pointed at each other with Harleen watching. The Joker is still shaken up from the gas, still laughing to himself. Crane and Joker talk a little more amongst one another, then The Joker aimlessly shoots at Scarecrow, and misses. Crane then leaps on the Joker, points the gun to his head and says, "You are going to do what I say and we are going to get out of this pirson, or I will kill you!". Joker simply laughs and says, "Kill Me!" Suddenly, Crane gets shot in back by Harleen. This leaves Crane and the two guars dead. The Joker and Harleen stare at each other. The Joker tells Harleen to tell the story that Crane went mad (which he did) and then make up the story that he killed Crane and that she didn't kill anyone. Harleen agreed and was surprised with the fact that the Joker was helping her out of a life changing situation. Harleen rang the alarm and kept the gun pointed at the Joker so that everyone would think that she did nothing and was just defending herself. The fake story is believed by everyone. With much discussion, Gordon lets Harleen continue her meetings with The Joker admitting that the Crane idea was a bad one. After this climax, Harley falls for the Joker and ends up doing everythig he says. They escape Arkham together and stop by at Gordon's office. This is at the end of the film. Harley Quinn is dressed in her newly bought jester outfit and is given the same make up as The Joker. Gordon is given the message from the Joker that he is out and Gotham will once again kneel to him.

So what is the most exciting part of this movie?

Bruce Wayne VS Coleman Reese? No
Oswald Cobblepot VS Coleman Reese? No
Alfred Pennyworth VS Victor Zsasz? No
Oswald Cobblepot VS Victor Zsasz? No
Bruce Wayne VS Victor Zsasz? Maybe
Bruce Wayne VS Ruby Ryder? Maybe
Harleen Quinzel VS James Gordon? No
Jonathan Crane VS James Gordon? No
Jonathan Crane VS The Joker? Hell Yes!

That scene in Arkham will raise goosebumps and it will be the real beginning of Harley Quinn's mental submission to the Joker. So exciting. You know what else is exciting? The fourth installment. I won't talk about it now, but I will say that Rupert Thorne, Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Floyd Lawton (Deadshot) will make their respective appearances! Plus, fifth and final installment, BANE! Bane will be the only new character, but most of the last movie will inlude the deaths of Gotham's villains. However, for now, just look forward to the third movie, if you can.

i think jennifer connelly would be perfect for catwomen.No high profiled actors should play the main roles,it takes away from the characters!instead of going to see the ridler you`d only see depp.

I'm really confused with Jay P's comment...Is this just speculation what you think would be a good way to go with the series? You put an awful lot of work into thinking that through...Is that just a previous comic storyline? Am I missing something?They havent even confirmed anyone for a third yet...Anyone, director, actors anything...So is this what you think would be great or what? I'm so confused.


I think The introduction of Talia(Doughter of Ras Al Goul), Clayface, and Red Claw would be a good way to go. Robin has always been done wrong in my opinion, maby if they revmp and make him a BOY WONDER as he is suposed to be, Parrents killed in the Narrows and that's how Baqtman finds him. Hunting down crimminals for the death of his parrents. The Batman as his role modle thinking it's okay to thrash the bad guys. And the transition from Robin to Knight Wing would be at the end. I'd say he would have to also be 13-15 years old to prove this is the real deal and he end's up killing someone witch is what draws the Batman closer to finding him.

Johnny Depp = The Riddler

Phillip Seymour Hoffman = Penguin

Rachel Weisz = Catwoman

i personally really hope that the joker vs batman battle continues. one of the most gripping asspects of the dark knight was the mental battle between the two, and the stresses that batman was put under. judging by the ending of the dark knight, a second joker film was intended. an ideall choice for me would be daniel day lewis, i understand that it is a sensitive character for any actor to portray now but i feel there is much more to the character that can be explored. i also feel that one villain for a batman film is enough, especially when that villain is the joker. as a character harvey dent was entriuging in the dark knight, but once he became two face, i personally lost interest in hios character and felt he was one plot arch too many.

i feel they should give the joker a rest in the next movie, for heath ledger's sake. bring in johnny depp as the riddler, bring in catwoman (angelina jolie anyone?), AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE DON'T EVEN MENTION THE PENGUIN, ROBIN OR BATGIRL!

I would like to see a Batman Beyond one day, with Terry Mcguiness, an angry kid and an older batman(like Clint Eastwood).

A darker riddler

Rhianna as catwoman

Philip Seymor Hoffman as Penguin

I would love a response to this. Please use your imagination.

the young man who plays Ryan Evans in High School Musical (Lucas G.) Awesome dancer/gymnast and there is a trailer for "The Perfect Son" where his hair is dyed jet black and his face is angry/serious. Look his profile in Wikipedia and watch the trailer.

then tell me if he is talented enough or has the look to play either Robin or terry McGuiness.

I believe its more about the strength of plot than it is about characters. Nolan strove for reality, so That eliminates alot of characters like Robin, Catwoman, Penguin, ect.
I would love to see copycat jokers/gangs, create a new dilema, both real and psychological like the copycat batmen did in TDK.
I would like to see the dead jokers past actions (his accomplishments) haunt and weaken Batman mentally.
A Diabolical Riddler Is more realistic, and could match The Joker character in realism.
He could be self-proscribed successor/disciple to the Joker and outmatch his wit and evil.
Comepletely do-able and realistic.
I would make the riddler a philosophizing intelllect who is a schizophrenic, "chess player" who empathizes with the joker and the criminal underworld from a socialistic standpoint.
He is also a coward that contrasts with the Jokers bravado, In other words he has the Jokers weakneses and strengths, but the jokers strengths are his weaknesses.
instead of being a threat to local society, the riddler threatens mankind itself and attempts armegeddon.
While the joker bathed in voyeueristic attention , The riddler relishes secrecy and invisibility, making him the more dangerous catch and the most dangerous game.
Nolan is a deep thinker , and superficial, predictable characters just wont do.

A riddle and a joke are one in the same, but one evokes an emotion, the other challenges the brain.

I really respect Heath Ledger and his role in the movie..I believe ,and with my soul, that the person who qualifies the most for taking up his suit is ME ! hmmm strange???? Well, truth is stranger than fiction.I am the Real-World Joker..just without the Batman..My attitude matches Joker as much as death matches body.So, whoever be the next Joker ...he won't be as good as me ...

Didnt any of you catch the cat woman reference when Bruce asked if his new suit would protect from Dogs and he said it should pretect against cats. To me thats a segway

Absolutely no Robin. I mean look, folks...Batman hasn't even moved back into his mansion and cave yet and people are talking "let's get him a sidekick"? NO WAY!

And a homeless Batman (a condo for a billionaire is like being homeless, lol) running the streets at night with some tennager? Get real! There will be no Robin/Nightwing, no Catwoman, no Oswald Cobblepot/Pinguin...no campy characters.

Here's how it goes:

1) Nolan wants to draw out the relationship between Batman and Harvey Dent/2-Face, so he's back in.

2) The Joker will be back in Batman-4, with Johnny Depp in the role, and will pimp two hoes: Harley Quinn and Talia Al Guhl.

3) Harley Quinn will be played by Jessica Alba, who, in my opinion, should have been Rachael Dawes.

4) Eddie Murphy will be the Riddler in Batman-3, working alongside 2-Face and Harley Quinn, who doesn't turn bad until the last half of the movie, ala 2-Face in TDK. In fact, her first order of business is to knock off 2-Face.

5) Wayne Manor is almost rebuilt brick-for-brick, but with the "new improvements" (wink) and Bruce falls for a rich socialite...Talia Al Guhl. She will be a "good girl" for Batman-3, but she has some sinister plans for Batman and will become a villain for Batman-4, as noted by her actions at the end of Batman-3, "Gotham".

Murphy as Riddler, no way, stupid choice considering his floundering career and the way he just can't be separated from his previous characters on screen. All we'll be thinking is comedy.

The Joker back? No way. The film would hit a huge backlash for doing that so quickly.

I agree with Two Face though, especially since he didn't get a decent outing in the previous film and was built so well. He could be a superb villain.

However don't muddy the waters like Spider-Man 3 did. One villain is enough, or one and another just coming in/going out.

I would like to see Prometheus in the next movie. It would be the 1st time he would be in a batman movie. Also the fact that he is the oppisite of batman, being a kid that grew up in crime seeing his family shot in front of him by police... He has trained all over the world becoming a master assasin. I think he would do well with the dark tone of the movies. He also isn't a cheezy character like Dr.Freeze or Poison Ivy... What do yous think?

i recon, if there was a little look at the joker, it should be of him, not face shot though, like if he was in hideout for now, have harley quinn, doing his tasks, and for batgirl, penguin, etc they dont need to be introduced, two face, harley quinn, and a short glimps of the joker, would do nicely in the 3rd movie, mabye 4th?

I hate the new new Batman franchise. He's not Batman. He's StealthyArmoredSuitMan with a big bulky armored radio-controlled moon-lander car and an apparent ability to wire up somebody else's cutting-edge technology ALL BY HIMSELF with no precedence for how he ever obtained the knowledge. He's clearly not a techno-geek yet he seems to have the skills. How does that happen? His only real personality seems to come from his insecurities and constant leaning on his "elders" to guide him. He doesn't possess that uncanny "Sherlock Holmes" attention to detail and HIS SURROUNDINGS that he's supposed to have. His physical build is muscular, but not intimidating without the suit of solid armor that, again, he's not supposed to be wearing. He's not nearly as well-spoken, either as Bruce or Batman, as Batman/Bruce is supposed to be.. According to Nolan, the whole Batman persona idea seemed to come about as the product of Bruce's personalizing his lessons from ninja school rather than the vivid nightmare vision it should have been. Most of the characters are done in some weird ordinary-world way that ends up turning the Joker (THE Freakin JOKER!!) into little more than an imaginative mumbling psychopathic follower of chaos with a love for the theories of of Sigmund Freud about human motivation. Gotham City looks more like an ordinary run-down city than Gotham City. It's all a mess, this whole new franchise. Christopher Nolan was so eager to make the character of Batman believable that almost anyone can now say "hey, I could be Batman with a little training and all that money". I really wish we could ditch this franchise and start over yet again. They might as well, since they're taking Superman back to the drawing board as well, a decision I agree with. What I wish more directors would do is spend much more time getting to know the essences of the characters they're portraying and insist on creating the most quintessential, perfect, vivid true-to-character renditions on-screen that they can, rather than holding the most important aspect to be whether we can personally relate to each character.

From what I remember reading several years ago on another Blog, They were trying to keep this Batman a little darker than the others and had mentioned that Robin will not be in this one. I liked Robin in the other Batman movies, but I do not think they should bring Robin into this one. Leave him out.

Back to the drawing board? Batman was already taken back to the drawing board. Nolan brought it from the lighter side of Batman, where the villians and even Batman were using cliches and witty humor in the movie along with cheesy villians like Mr. Freeze. He brought it to the Darker side Where The Joker was alot more Believeable because of Heath Ledgers acting and Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face, Going from Leading D.A to villian due to the death of Rachel and anger towards Batman for not saving her instead of him.

And Anyone with any knowledge of Technology or mechanical experience can use anything for the first time. I can get in any car and have it figured out in one day. Get me in something that has alot of gadgets and dials in it like that Prototype Vehicle, that was supposed to be for Military Applications and was rejected, and I can have it figured out in no time. it's just like buying a car for the first time. You play with the knobs, dials, gadgets and bells and whistles and see what everything does. So for This Batman to be able to use the equipment he was given in no time is not unbelievable.

I think the 3rd movie will follow up from how the Dark Knight ended.

The Joker is in Jail locked up and out of this movie.

Harvey 2 face is dead or in coma or in a asylum

Batman is on the run from the cops and special SWAT team and is in 2 minds weather to quit and questions if there is a need for the batman.

The Crime Underworld has been decimated by the Joker and rival crinimals scrambel to seize control of the underworld.

I think they should follow a plot line where a corrupt high ranking cop under Commissioner Gordon tries to seize control of the underworld and uses his positon to set up an elite SWAT team to take Batman and any rival crinimals out of the picture so he can take control of the underworld. He could intend to limit the supply of drugs and keep crinimal activity at tolerable level to the public. The possible crinimal who escapes or resists his assination campaign could be the penquin but is only a secondary character in this film

His SWAT team should recruit Special operatives such army ranger or marines etc. This SWAT team could include Selina Kyle aka catwomen who is at wrong end of her moral compass and Dick( change name Richard) Grayson aka robin who is more sympathetic to the Batman's cause and build the story line from there. Robin and catwomen could discover the corrupt cops plan with catwomen siding with him and robin against.

The corrupt high ranking cop could become the Riddler Maybe the Riddler who is obsesses with solving the riddle of all riddels, who is the batman?

I'm not sure if they can go all out action on the 3rd film. perhaps a little more cat and mouse as the film climaxes



I always thought Robin was a major distraction, and I know a lot of Batman fans will agree with me that Robin should be kept out of the films.


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